’Like Mary, welcoming the gift of God.’ A la suite de Marie et des pauvres, accueillir le don de Dieu.

Mary and contemplation Mary is a woman, bearer of Down’s Syndrome. She has a big smile. When I meet her, I pronounce her name with great gentleness, seeing how delicate her being is. With one of the brightest smiles that lights up her whole face, Mary holds her breath and then she says my name (...)

Patrick is living Jesus’ littleness and poverty Behind his thickly lensed glasses, so thick that they make his poor little eyes seem huge, Patrick, (Down’s Syndrome) looks at me and says : ’You know I still think about my mother. Soon I’ll go and see her. I lost my father during the war. Just as (...)

To consent with Mary and renew my life. At the school of Mary I can let the ’yes’ come forth in me, a consent to Divine Work. I need to remain always with Mary at the Source flowing forth, with Mary who was enlightened at the Annunciation. The Light given by the Word of God came to her through (...)

In the Mystery of Mary, each of us can be transformed. In the new Love given to her, Mary loves the Father. This, her Eternal Father, engenders her own Son in her. In this mysterious Love she receives from the Father, she loves Jesus who is brought in her by the Holy Spirit and whom she (...)

Mary, the way of a new community The new Community is Christ’s Body, saved by God’s infinite Love, by the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. In this New Love the Church takes on life. It is moved by the Holy Spirit who is given to her.Within this Body each person finds a new identity. Mary is (...)

Letting ourselves be born to a new life through Mary Out of all mothers, Mary is the only one to have chosen to conceive her own child : ’The Word became flesh . Mary said yes to the Word. The Son of the Father is the only Son who chose his mother. It is thanks to Mary’s yes that the Father (...)

Mary’s Compassion for her people Each one’s path is taken into the Heart of Mary. John is the first witness of this. When Jesus gives John to Mary, he is having compassion on his mother who remains alone and in doing this he opens up a space for the new people who is going to live from his (...)

Through Mary, letting oneself be formed as a child of God With Mary we enter into an infinite confidence in God and in His Infinite Love. Mary gave a human face to the Father’s Only Son. She was aware she was the daughter of the Father. In order to become the Mother she needed to live even more (...)