History of Gilbert. My History, Mon histoire.

c, The Deepening of my call to serve Jesus, the long road to discovering my Vocation. (L’approfondissement de mon appel au service de Jésus, le long cheminement vers ma vocation.) If I had been able to come to recognise my state of poverty and if my person had been able to begin to blossom, it (...)

b. My Adolescence and the beginnings of my adult life - quest for meaning. (Mon Adolescence et le commencement de ma vie d’adulte-recherche de sens.) I realised that wanting to get out of this poverty whilst keeping worldly values was an ’illusion’ for me that would prove to be dangerous, as I (...)

a. My life, my history and my Christian conversion. First of all I needed to get out of this poverty I was in. It weighed me down and was proving to be an obstacle for me , preventing me from recognising the Gift of God that was within me. My Childhood. Born in the Vosges mountains on the (...)