Seeking the God of Love otherwise, through poetry ! Chercher le Dieu d’Amour, autrement, par la poésie !

O my lover, my absolute ; it is your love that conceived me O my lover, my absolute, it is Your Love that conceived me. See, in your Heaven I plunge myself in your gaze that moulds me If you knew, my fiancée, my soul became a liquid in you Dwell in me We shall bear fruits that will be (...)

Touch of silence on the waters of the night Touch of silence on the Waters of the night The Word dashes forward and Beauty bursts forth Light without decline, King of Creation The world is a garden which celebrates its Name Trees and greenery, mountains and brooks Every creature is (...)

O folly, I have made of the Cross my one and only reason for living. The servile soul has a vile aspect Quite present but going well beyond Of what is useful and useless O folly, I have made of the Cross My one reason It keeps me in the centre of the arena So as to witness to the good (...)

that she prepares for Heaven, many beloved follow her in procession, it is all together that we are preparing Heaven. May at the start of vigils the name of my loved one spread forth : an oil, a kiss! The Holy Spirit is Consoler of all, Consoler of those who are loved, Consoler of those who (...)

May your Voice be a Word in me and may your Word become silence. Your Word, Jesus , is Living, it vivifies, it heals me in the most intimate part of my wounded heart. It wounds it once more for it has closed up again! Come back; Risen Lord, come and dwell in our ways, come again to each one of (...)