’l’Arche a new life experience’ ’ l’Arche une nouvelle expérience de vie’

The extraordinary fecundity of the poor What joy to see the extraordinary joy of the poor.It is a ’surplus’ of humanity that has an influence on the people who suround them. Could it be that the poverty they carry can bring such great life? Saint Francis of Assisi had called this mystery of (...)

Laurent, revelation of the Mystery of Presence After about fifteen years spent in psychiatric hospital, Laurent was about eighteen when he came to l’Arche.He was severely physically and mentally handicapped/His parents had had a very hard time looking at Laurent just as he was. He had never ben (...)

At the heart of sorrow, a gap We may wonder what kind of drama went on in the heart of the first crucified criminal with Jesus, who harasses him by saying ’ Save yourself, you who saved so many others!’(Lk.24-35) Strangely enough the crowd takes on the same tone of mockery. It is the expression (...)

The poor open up the door of a New Love In humanity and in the Church, the mystery of the Infinite Love of God unfurls over time,. In this way the mystery of the Annunciation of Mary’s angel is revealed to humanity when the Church was ’capable’ of bearing and of working out this unspeakable love (...)

Jean-François and the anguish of living Jean-François’ family has many big responsibilities in society. When we are on a level of human intelligence, we come across a real difficulty to join the poor people in l’Arche. This is where the dimension of the heart is taken in a very special way. (...)

The path of Claire’s conversion Claire cam to l’Arche thirty years ago coming from a psychiatric hospital where she had been for six years after her mother’s death. She had lived from her childhood to the age of twenty-four on a barge with her mother , her father-in-law and brother who were boat (...)

L’Arche, a new Life Experience 1. L’Arche, an experience of new life by opening oneself to another The ’young person’ who commits him or herself to l’Arche has an experience of life with people with learning disabilities. The ’poor’ person, such as he is seen in the l’Arche homes is accepted and (...)

2. God reveals the mystery of his Son to the humble (Dieu révèle le mystère de son fils aux humbles) God reveals the mystery of his Son to the humble. The experience of life with the poor in l’Arche confirms their gift and fecundity. They remind us through their simplicity that human nature is (...)

3.L’Arche, a family unified by the face of the poor. (L’Arche, une famille que le visage du pauvre unifie.) The communities of l’Arche are founded upon the recognition of the dignity and the vocation of the person with a disability. The Gospel gives meaning to the situation of mankind in (...)

4. Marie-Jeanne and Simplicity Marie-Jeanne has really discovered who Jesus is. He really has become ’Someone’ for her. Today Marie-Jeanne goes to mass every day. After each mass she comes into the sacristy for a final contact, a final prayer. So Marie-Jeanne says ’When I see you, I see Jesus.’ (...)

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