14th Sunday of Ordinary Time, year’A’ 14e dimanche du TO, année’A’

’Come to me all you who labour under a heavy load and I shall give you rest’
Saturday 27 May 2017

Za.9,9-10 Ps.144 Rm.8,9-13 Mt.11,25-30

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time, year’A’

’At that time, Jesus began to speak, saying’ Father of Heaven and of earth, I proclaim your praises; what you have hidden to the wise and knowledgeable you have revealed it to the tiny little ones; Yes, Father, you wished this in your goodness.’ Anyone who wishes to can receive this contemplation of Jesus! Mary is the one who received Jesus in the most intimate part of her being and she exalts with Joy. This joy is meant to be a communicative one : ’Who is my mother, who are my brothers? It is they who listen to God’s Word and who keep it.’ Through Jesus Mary entered into the mystery of Jesus’ filiation! She will be able to become mother of the Savior, she will be associated to Him. Jesus crosses great areas of struggle faced with those who don’t want to recognize Him. And yet He blesses his Father, deeply happy to be the Son of the Eternal Father : ’Father, Lord of Heaven and of earth, I proclaim your praises.’ "Everything has been given to me by my Father, no one knows the Son, apart from the Father, and no one knows the Son, apart from the Son who wishes to reveal Him.’ Son of the Father, Jesus receives everything from Him Jesus is complete capacity to be able to receive the Father’s mystery; Jesus’ contemplation makes up Jesus’ happiness and it resounds in the heart of she who welcomes Him. Mary is the first person to welcome this mystery, and she enters into what Varillon calls the humility of God. ’The Father is greater than I am’ Jesus will say.  The Son can do nothing without the father and yet He will say again : ’ Everything has been given to me by my Father.’ The mystery of the son who is equal to the father is given to Mary and through her it will be given to the whole of humanity. ’Everything that is yours, Father is mine.’ Jesus will say.  Humanity has entered into this link of Love of the Father and of the Son! Between the Eternal Son and the Father there is an unfathomable mystery, that Mystery of the greatest Love.  This is God’s Mystery : ’God is Love.’  In an overflowing abundance of Love, Jesus has us enter into his mystery of the Son of God. ’Come to me all you who are over laden with labour and I shall give you rest. Take my load upon you become my disciples, for I am gentle and humble of heart, you shall find rest for your souls. Yes, my burden is light and easy to bear.’ Mary came into the mystery of Divine filiation, into the mysterious knowledge of the Father and the Son. She is the only mother to have chosen her son before carrying him within herself. At the Annunciation, she receives the eternal Word of the Father, and conceives Him as her Son. The only ’child’ to have chosen his mother is the Eternal Son of the Father. Jesus is the tiny little one who has re-clothed our humanity. We haven’t been able to choose our mother but we are able to do so after our birth. We are hereby introduced into God’s own Mystery: ’ I bless you, Father, I proclaim your praise!’ Thanks to Mary, we can have access to this mystery as little children. Thanks to Mary’s divine maternity through Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection, we have become ’God’s children’.  The Joy Jesus has to be the Son of the Father Is henceforth our own joy, that of being a ’child’ of this Father. We ask Jesus for the grace to be introduced into this mystery of the greatest Love.