17th December Advent le 17 décembre Avent

“Jacob fathered Joseph the husband of Mary; of her was born Jesus who is called Christ.”
Saturday 21 November 2015

Gen. 49,2.8-10 Ps.71 Mt.1,1-17

17th December Advent “Roll of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham. Abraham fathered Isaac…”

Jesus, by calling himself the Son of man, hid many things right from the start. He did not declare everywhere and in all places in a clear manner that he was equal to his Father.For some time he wanted to keep the truth about the mystery of his birth as a secret, through a behaviour that was full of wisdom, and he did this for very important reasons.

His genealogy may seem fastidious for us, yet it is good for us to hear it in its complete context, for it indicates to us the Road that God has taken to join our humanity in what is most noble but also in what is most poor and miserable in it.

It was in order to spare the Virgin Mary , his mother, and to defend her from annoying suspicion. If at first the Jews had known about the marvel the Mary is, they would have jumped at the chance to maliciously interpret this fact and they might have stoned her after having condemned her as an adulterer! They were impudent enough to fight against Jesus by calling him demoniac, because he would chase away demons- what would they have said hearing about this mysterious birth, since as far as they were concerned it was they who had the power? If after so many miracles they called Jesus son of Joseph, how would they have believed him to be a son of a Virgin, taking into account these miracles? This is why the Evangelist does the genealogy of Joseph, where it is reported that he betrothed Mary.

We are at the same time in a state of marvel and also impressed faced with this mystery of Love that led to the Saviour of humanity to be placed in the rank of evil doers, next to two criminals on Golgotha. After Him and until He comes again, He will dwell in all things, He is the King of the universe. Thus he ’fills’ the mystery of the whole of humanity.

“Jacob fathered Joseph, the husband of Mary ; of her was born Jesus who is called Christ.”

In the History of Salvation, Joseph’s role was to insert Jesus in the lineage of David, according to a legal paternity which is at the heart of Joseph’s mission. There is a significant ’rupture’ that we like to bring up in the genealogy : ’Jacob engendered Joseph’ Mary’s husband, from whom is born Jesus Christ or the Messiah. And so after all theses generations where the masculine is at the top, there is a rupture with the entrance of the feminine at the top. Joseph is responsible of a family which as the same time a family like any other but not like other families. Jesus is very well born into this generation, in that humanity, but he is born in a very different way, from an Immaculate Virgin, named Mary.

It is written in the psalm ! ’God gives to the king your powers, to this son of a king your justice.“Jesus is prefigured in this psalm as it was announced in the Book of Genesis : ’Joseph called his sons : I want to uncover what will happen in times to come. Gather together, and listen, sons of Israel.”

Juda your brothers will pay homage to you, your hand will bend your enemies nape, your fathers’ sons will bow before you.“The birth of the King of the world, the King of all kings, is already announced. We ought to give thanks for it, because these generations bring up the goodness and power of Jesus who came, not to avoid our ignominy but to raise it up. And so it is the same for his death as it was for his birth : his death would have been less admirable without the cross, which had been the infamous instrument of it, but the infamy of it shows up all the more the Goodness of the One who didn’t fear to face it out of Love for humanity.” The sum of generations is therefore : fourteen from Abraham to David : fourteen from David to the Babylonian deportation ; and fourteen from the Babylonian deportation to Christ.“Jesus was quite different from temerarious men who faced up to Divine Beauty. Amidst all ills, David shows a gentleness a, a moderation and an admirable patience ; which leads to God saying : ’ Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of Heart, and you shall find rest for your souls.”

We ask Saint Joseph, the humble carpenter from Nazareth who so tenderly loved the Virgin Mary and who brought up Jesus with great vigilance, to watch over us and to teach us to enter into the Mystery of Christmas in a silent and

loving way. It is the Mystery of God made man. God has us be born again in Jesus, in his gentleness and humility. He is the King of the world. He possesses the kingdoms of the earth. When he will be going through agony, with the apostles seeing him, He is still there, present, bearing the Salvation of the world.

We ask fro the grace to understand that the Kingdom of God is in humility and gentleness.