1st Sunday of Advent year ’B’ 1er Dimanche de l’Avent année ’B’

“What I am saying to you now I am saying to everyone: keep watch!”
Saturday 7 October 2017

Is.63,16b-17.19b; 64,2b-7 Ps.79 1 Co.1,3-9 Mk.13,33-37

1st Sunday of Advent year ’B’

“Be careful, stay awake: for you do not know when the time will come.” It is the time of Advent: Advent like a coming, like an arrival! Jesus invites us four times to keep watch: ’Keep watch’, he says. Our Christian life is under the sign of his Coming: ’Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!’  At Christmas he came, but with his Passion He has promised to come again in Glory and that day will be the end of time. And then, he will wipe away ever tear and bring together into Unity all humanity of all time.  We are beings of desire: Someone is going to come and we need to be ready.  Generations had to pass before a young girl, living amongst the People of Israel, could offer to God the space of poverty, love and faith where He could become Incarnate. There is measureless gap between what is expected from mankind and what God brought about: he himself came as a man.  In the Virgin Mary humanity had to prepare itself and open up its heart to God. However, it is not thanks to man’s efforts that brings about God to be born in the Virgin Mary. Man can only open up to welcome God’s unheard of reality.  At Christmas he will be capable of bringing about a good and new reality in the midst of a chaotic humanity.  Once again, this accomplishment will be out of proportion with what mankind will have done to prepare for it. God will make all things new.  But the delay, the time given to us says that’s something which has to be accomplished by mankind in order that, finally, the happy and glorious end can come about.   “It is like a man set off on a journey: when he left home he gave all power to his servants, gave each one their task, and asked the watch keeper to keep watch.”  We are to watch in the gratuitous and gracious Infinite Love of our God who is our Bridegroom. We are the messengers of Peace in the heart of the world in all of our relationships. In Christ we are waiting for the Kingdom, it is a mystery which envelops us and we await the revelation of the Face of God. Our Blessed Lady allowed herself to be transformed by the tiny little Jesus whom she bore, her face was lit up by him as she contemplated him. In Christ we are transformed and enriched with so many gifts: ’What a marvel I am! Marvellous your works!’ A surprising wealth is given to us by God, we are in communion with the poor and little ones. In this way God’s Word enlightens our lives and in it we accomplish our daily life which has given the Knowledge of God to us. God is Love, we are created in this Love and in this Love, we are recreated.  His Coming can only come about with the connivance of humans who possess the gift of freedom. It is the Will of our Father that we be in his Love and Peace. He lovingly watches over us and all the more strongly so when we may be going through ordeals or difficulties. “So, keep watch, for you do not know when the master of the house will come, in the evening time or at midnight, or in the morning as the cock crows; if he comes when you are not expecting him to, he mustn’t find you asleep. What I am telling you I am telling everyone: keep watch!” The whole of our life is made one with that of God and it is going towards its accomplishment. Were this humanity which is ’the Body of Christ’ which ceaselessly comes and goes, until the Day Christ comes. Our vigilance is a simple one: Maranatha: come, Lord Jesus!’ This word alone on our lips, just one desire in our hearts, an opening over each inspiration of our breath. This expectation is the combat of faith in our lives, we hold out in a state of thanksgiving! We are in need of being vivified in God’s grace so as to nourish our expectation for God. So as to live these combats’ no spiritual gift is lacking for us’, our vigilance is to remain in God’s grace, in His Infinite Love. The manifestation of God in Christ’s mystery is a totally interior one. ’It is He who will have us hold out firmly right to the end.’  In Christ we await Christmas, this mystery in which we are completely already enveloped. It is the mystery of the revelation of God’s face who is Love. God’s Infinite Love is in the deepest part of our lives and in our relationships! The Lord Jesus, Christ King of the universe, has conquered! he is made once again present in our midst, Mary’s little child who will be born at Christmas. He becomes present like the Bread of Lide offered up at each Eucharist. In Him we take up strength and vigour so as to wait for daily life and confront it.

We ask for the grace to be found in truth faced with the overabundant Love of our Father’s heart.