1st Sunday of Lent year ’A’ 1er dimanche du careme année ’A’,

"You will adore God alone, worship Him alone.’
Vendredi 6 janvier 2017

Gn.2,7-9 Ps.50 Rm.5,12-19 Mt.4,1-11

1st Sunday of Lent year ’A’  « You will adore God alone, worship Him alone.’ »And so Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil. After having fasted forty days and nights he became hungry. The devil approached him, saying ’If you are the Son of God, order these stones to be turned into loaves of bread.’ But Jesus answered ’It is written : Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes out of the Word of God.’   On this first Sunday of Lent, we come across the temptations Jesus went through. This sheds light upon our own spiritual combat. The way Jesus comes out triumphant from this combat makes us discover what the tactics are of ’the enemy of human nature.’ Jesus takes on our human condition fully in order to lead us to the way of Life. We want to follow Him in faith and this gives us true Light. This spiritual combat is there in the exchanges we have with God and our sisters and brothers and this is the case for each one of us. The enemy of human nature strives to make its way into our human fragilities. The Church has us move forward, following Jesus who has us realise that his own victory of Love becomes our very own. Jesus was plunged into the water of the Jordan, taking his place amongst sinners.Pushed by the Spirit He is taken into the desert. We too have been baptised and participate in the victory of his Love over all adversity. Nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, we live and are ever renewed in Love’s victory. ’Man doesn’t live by bread alone but by every Word that comes out of God’s Mouth.’ "And then the devil took him to the holy town high up on the temple and told him ’If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down there, for it is written ’He will give his orders to his angels and they will bear him in his hands, in case his feet strike tones.’ Jesus said to him ’It is written : ’You shall not tempt the Lord your God.’ We discover the places of fragility in us thanks to our places of fragility. ’Man must live from every Word that comes our of the mouth of God.’ How can we be reassured by the Word of God ? Jesus teaches us to put into perspective our human needs that are part of us, and God’s help which has us exist. What reassures us the most is when we go beyond our human fragility and look to Jesus as Jesus looked to the Father. It is when we are reassured in our being that our desire to exist emerges and this brings a meaning into our lives. The inner image we have of our identity comes from God. When Jesus is put to the test from the outside, this invites him to express what he perceives within himself. He is the Word, He is always confident and trusting towards His Father. Through Baptism we entered into the faith of the Church, this faith became something personal, but we ought to progress in the faith we have received. Being tempted has us grow so that our faith becomes something even more personal within us. We are introduced into temptations as Jesus was ; Moved by the Holy Spirit and under the Father’s gaze, we are already victorious. Jesus never stops intervening for humanity called to live victorious over all oppositions to love. It is through gentleness and humility that we find victory. "The devil took him again on a high mountain and showed him the kingdoms of the world and their glory. He said to him ’All this, I shall give to you if you fall at my feet , you shall bow down before me.’ And so Jesus told him ’Get behind me, Satan ! For it is written ’It is the Lord God you shall adore, He alone you shall worship.’ And then the devil left him. And then angels drew close to him and served him.’   The ’world’ is always under the power of nothingness, of lies ! We know by experience that so many homes overtaken by wars and suffering today make the world cry out ! Humanity is tempted by the same Satan, still deceptive, the pains of child-birth of a new world are still happening. The enemy of human nature, after having attacked our materiel goods, enters into unreason. With Jesus He replies straight away : ’Get behind me, Satan !’ You will adore God alone’. And so everything takes on a healthy aspect again, in relationship with God and our sisters and brothers. Our being is unified from within as on the outside, in a state of peace. Praise can be spread on earth as in Heaven. Taken up by our activates we can find ourselves faced with difficult situations, and as soon as we come into a space of solitude we have an experience of a powerful ’combat’. Jesus’ temptation reveals this to us and delivers us from it. Thanks to Jesus, we make of our lives an act of faith that is ever renewed.

We ask for the grace to live our temptations with Jesus and to participate in the victory of his Love in the Resurrection.