21st Sunday OT year ’C’ 21e dimanche du TO année ’C’

“Jesus said to his disciples ’There are those now last who will be first and those now first who will be last.”
Thursday 16 June 2016

Is.66,18-21 Ps.116 He.12,5-7 Lk.13,22-30

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time year ’C’

"Through towns and villages Jesus made his way to Jerusalem, teaching as he went. Someone said to him ’Lord, will only a few be saved?’

Jesus replied ’Do your best to enter the narrow door, for I tell you, many will try but will not succeed."

Maybe the narrow door was the small door left open at night when the large one of the town had been closed. In this way, it was a door of mercy for those who were taken aback at being locked out at night, if only they had thought about the possibility of being locked out.

What is important was that they make the most of the opportunity to get into the town on time.

The ’road to Jerusalem’ on which Jesus resolutely walks is for us the road of salvation. Jesus will bring about this great return to the Father by ending his Mission which is to bring us back to Him. It is lovely to contemplate this path on which Jesus teaches us how to return to the Father in Truth! His Word is Truth, showing how He needs the Love in our hearts. We understand how Jesus hides nothing about this path of Truth and Love! ’Someone said to him ’Lord, will few people be saved?’

"Once the master the house has got up and locked the door, you may find yourself standing outside knocking on the door saying ’Lord, open up for us!’ But he will answer’ I do not know where you have come from.’

Then you will begin to say ’We once ate and drank n your company; you taught in our streets, but he will reply ’’ I do not know where you come from ; away from me, all you evil doers!’

Those listening to Jesus understood how he was in a hurry to bring them back to believing in faith. Jesus insists less upon the narrowness of the gate than the urgency to commit oneself to Him. Hurry, for the gate will one day be closed shut!

Believers come from the rising and the setting of the sun from the North and South will be more advanced in the Kingdom because of their faith.

The path of the Kingdom is one of true Love, a whole inner path lived out from within, a secret known by our Father in the secret of the heart.

In this ’inner ’Love the gaze of the Love of the Father finds us and comes to our encounter. The world that does not know Jesus ignores the capacity of this unheard of love hidden in the heart of humanity! The Kingdom of God is being open up to all in love, faithful to the wedding feast of the slaughtered Lamb!

"He will reply ’I don’t know where you come from; away from me, all you evil doers!.

Then there will be weeping and grinding of teeth, when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God and yourselves thrown out.

And people from east and west and north and south will come and sit down at the feast in the Kingdom of God.

Look, there are now who are now last who will be first and those now first will be last."

The gate will close and the history of the world will one day come to an end. Each person will turn the last page of his life. We can so easily forget this and Jesus doesn’t want us to. He is gentle and merciful, his love is strongest and brings us all the time back to how serious our life is.

Jesus, the Saviour, knows very well that we won’t ever be really happy as long as we don’t go right to the end of our response. He has a Passion for the Glory of the Father, for the salvation of humanity, his true Joy.

Jesus is the unique Door giving access to prayer and mission, we go through it in order to find Peace, we come out through it so as to give Joy. Jesus is waiting for us in his Kingdom of Love, in a relationship of true Love. Those alone who are ardent in their desire will be transported into this New Love of his Heart!

We ask for the grace to be attentive to Jesus’ teaching so as to be part of Jesus’ friends in the Kingdom.