21st Sunday of Ordinary Time year A 21e dimanche du TO année ’A’

“Jesus asked them ’What do you say? Who am I for you?”
Saturday 1 July 2017

Is.22,19-23 Ps.137 Rm.11,33-36 Mt.16,13-20

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time year A

When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philp he asked his disciples ’According to what people say who is the Son of God?’ They replied : ’For some John the Baptist, for others Elijah; for others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.’ Jesus’ question ; ’According to what people say, who is the Son of man?’ Boils down to a bit like the summing up of his ministry in Galilee. After his preaching and all the healings he had accomplished, plus all the miracles, people still can’t make up their mind about Him and have different opinions. They get the idea of comparing him to Jeremiah or else John the Baptist or Elijah. Jesus’ question provokes us as well we too need to give a response to it. Herod will say ’It’s john the Baptist whose head I cut off and who has come back to life.’ Others say ’It’s Elijah.’ He is known for his marvelous works. People see Jesus as one who wards off the tempest, heals the infirm and chases devils away. ’It’s Jeremiah, or one of the prophets’ others say. Jeremiah is the prophet who explains to Israel how the deportation to Babylon is due to the fact that the people abandoned the Lord’s commandments. Whoever moves away from God continues to be loved by Him but loses his Blessing. And so in the wake of Jeremiah Jesus is perceived as the one who recalls the Covenant with God, that it is a Covenant where both parties commit themselves to each other. The Lord gives his Grace, but the people must choose to follow Him in all liberty. "Jesus asked them ’And you yourselves, who do you say I am? ’ So Peter began to speak ’You are Christ, the Living Son of God!’ Jesus replied ’Blessed are you, Simon Son of Jonas : it is not flesh and blood that have revealed this to you, but my Heavenly Father.’ Peter’s profession of faith : ’You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.’ Comes after what men have said. Jesus reveals how Peter’s reply goes much further than flesh and blood. ’Flesh and blood’ is man left to his limits, unable for God’s Newness. Simon let himself be taught by God, let God ’draw him towards Jesus.’ The Holy Spirit wishes to grant us the grace which Peter received so that we recognize the Messiah in Jesus, the One who saves us for He loves us. His Mercy is Infinite and His Will is that we know Him and love Him. Jesus I Love, the Savior who draws us to Himself he has us live in peace and Joy. Peter’s profession of faith marks a big turning point in Jesus’ public life which from now on will make a greater place for the disciples’ training. He will announce the Passion and Resurrection to them. With our hearts thus open wide and thirsty for God, we let ourselves be helped by the Holy Spirit, recognizing that everything is from Him, through Him and for Him. “And I declare that you are Peter and on this Rock I shall build my Church; and the powers of death will not do away with her. I shall give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven ; everything that you shall have linked on earth will be linked in Heaven; everything you shall undo on earth will be undone in Heaven.’ Then Jesus ordered his apostles to say to no-one that He is Christ.” Jesus turns Simon of Jonas into a ’Blessed’. This is the happiness reserved to all who make a big step of faith, who dare to place everything they have in the Word of the Friend. Then Jesus gives him new name , one which will be his program for life :  ’You are kîfa, you are Peter, you are the Rock.’ It is a Word that is of creation. Jesus speaks and he makes, creates. Henceforth Simon the fisherman will be a rock for the edification of Jesus’ Church. We are living stones, inserted in the construction, and with Jesus we are to become with Him stones of foundation in Jesus’ Work. We have to stop bringing everything up to the proportion of our intelligence and our heart, and dare tell Jesus about our faith. In this way we enter into the happiness of Jesus Our Savior. He is the Fulness of the Revelation, the faith of our heart rises up in Him, as does our relationship to God. With Jesus a hope and trust are given to us for us to move forward in grace, in the Light and Love of God. Jesus, Son of the Living God, introduces us into the filiation of Divine grace which the Holy Sirit has revealed to us.

We ask the Holy Spirit for the grace to renew our faith in Jesus who bears witness to the Father.