25th Sunday OT, year ’C’ 25e dimanche TO, année’ C’

“No servant can serve two masters.; he will either hate the first or love the second, or be attached to the first and love the second.’ You cannot be the slave both of God and mammon.”
Tuesday 19 July 2016

Am.8,4-7 Ps.112 1 Tm.2,1-8 Lk.16,1-13

25th Sunday Ordinary Time year ’C’

"Jesus also said to his disciples ’There was rich man and he had a steward who was denounced to him for being wasteful with his property.

He called for the man and said’ What is this I hear about you? Draw me up an account of your stewardship because you are not to be my steward any longer.’

Then the steward said to himself, ’Now that the master is taking the steward-ship from me, what am I to do? Dig. I am not strong enough. Go begging? I should be too ashamed. Ah I know what I shall do to make sure that when I am dismissed from office there will be some to welcome me into their homes.’

Then he called his master’s debtors one by one. To the first he said’ How much do you owe my master?’ ’One hindered measures of oil’, he said. The steward said ’Write fifty.’…

Jesus knows the beauty of man who earns his living by the work of his hands. He knows the fair price of work well done. Joseph and Mary counted on Jesus’ salary. His disciples were organised they had some revenue. In Galilee right from the start, some women followed Jesus, and ’many others helped him with their resources.’

Jesu appreciated the help of these women who came to his need. In the Gospel this man is going to make a treasure for himself made out of friendship he wants to make out of his master’s goods!

God who ’has the sun shine and rain fall on all’. And so the earth bears its good fruits.

Using the goods of this world we become little by little God’s associates, in a huge work of redemption. We view our sisters and brothers in Christ with great respect when we pray Jesus for them. This is the ’real good’, that of sons and daughters of God, Christ’ co-heirs.

In Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection, a treasure is given to us. We are stewards of this treasure of love and of divine life.

The prayer of petition in the Eucharistic celebration brings about its Gift on the Cross. Each time we are reunited in Church and when we intercede through Jesus on the Holy Spirit close to the father, God comes to our aid and frees us.

"The master praised the dishonest steward for his astuteness. For the children of this world are more astute in dealing with their own kind than are the children of light.

And so I tell you this : use money, tainted as it is, to win your friends, and thus make sure that when it fails you, thy will welcome you into eternal dwellings.

Anyone who is trust worthy in little things is trustworthy of great; anyone who is dishonest in little things is dishonest in great."

Jesus’ big preoccupation is the announcement of God’s Kingdom to the little ones and to the poor! Only these people welcome the Good News. This poor person is my brother and behind him there hides the poor person wo reveals me just as I am within my own self, this poor person I dislike looking at.

If we have possessed goods in the world, and close up on ourselves we know what lies and injustices of closing in on ourselves.

We are overwhelmed by how these Words apply to our present situation in our lives! Money has to make us friends who welcomes us as brothers in the future life, where money will no longer be of any use for any of us.

Jesus said ’no servant can serve two masters’, for one of them their heart won’t be in it.

It is true that one day will come when whatever we possess will be of no use :’ Wherever your treasure is will also be your heart.“”If then you are not trustworthy with money, that tainted thing, who will trust you with genuine riches? And if you are not trustworthy with what is not yours, who will give you what is your very own?"

in Jesus’ eyes ’money of iniquity’ is money earned dishonestly, and which becomes a blind power of injustice and oppression.

Jesus uses the word ’mammon ’that is all the illusory insecurities in the world, opposed to the confidence of the ’poor’ of Israel in their God.

Jesus underlines that our honesty in the things of the earth has us be confident for the Kingdom.

Jesus is honoured in the poor that I am, as He is so in each human being.

He likes all we are and reveals to us what we have to do to save the world with Him.

It is not just a question of the race of the relationship with God but also the grace of the relationship with one another.

’Whoever is worthy to be trusted for a small affair is worthy to be judged trustworthy for a greater one."

Let us ask for the grace to hear this Word, to be good stewards of the Divine Life which God wanted to inscribe in our humanity.