27th Sunday of OT, year ’C 27e dimanche du TO, année ’C’

"The Lord replied ’If you had faith the size of a mustard seed you would say to this sycamore tree ’Be uprooted and planted in the sea’ and it would obey you.’
Wednesday 20 July 2016

Ha.1,2-3.2,2-4 Ps.94 2 Tm.1,6-8.13-14 Lk.17,5-10

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, year ’C’

"The apostles said to the Lord ’Increase our faith. The Lord replied ’If you had faith like a mustard seed you could say to the sycamore tree ’Be uprooted and it would obey you.

When you have done all you will have been told, say ’We are useless servants, we have done no more than our duty."

Jesus doesn’t think in the way of locking his servants into a work that turns them to despair. How many mothers today live this reality. Nor does Jesus consider as normal to work seventeen hours a day as do so many men throughout the world. We know the feeling of when nightfall comes our legs are weary with fatigue and we fall into bed.

And yet to those who love, strength is given back. A change of apron and there we are preparing the meal. In his final talks Jesus wanted to leave with us he introduced himself as ’I am amongst you as the one who serves.’

We are loved by God in this Love and we are invited to enter int.

This is the ’divine means’ we have to acquire the greatest possible freedom, the freedom of love. God has made us be born from an imperishable seed, the Incarnate Word of God.

"Which of you, with a servant ploughing or minding sheep, would say to him when he returned from the fields, ’Come and have your meal at once’? Would he not be more likely to say ’Get my supper ready; fasten your belt and wait on me while I eat and drink. You yourself can eat and drink afterwards.’ ?Through this paradox, Jesus wants us to have it understood that vis-à-vis to God who gave us everything, we enter into a state of wonderment.

’It is a matter of faith!’

All of our time belongs to Him and all of our strength is given over to his Kingdom of Love.

For sure, service of mankind and of human society is different from the service to God. What is certain is that God, when we encounter Him, will give us the full measure. God’s indestructible Love has to take up everything in our lives.

’The measure of Love is to love without measuring.’ Saint Bernard tells us. Jesus puts into work the imperishable seed of Love in a surprising way in the Gospel.

He is always coming to the help of the sick and poor people, he brings people to life again, he heals all sickness.

What gives us such immense and infinite joy is the measure of the Good News of the Gospel. It is the joy of total Love.

It is in the Infinite Love of the only Beloved that we are tenderly cherished by God.

In order to discover the Beauty of the Gospel, we have to discover the source of grace, live from the Holy Spirit, from the Infinite Love of God.

This life of service and faith is the existence of a son in his Father’s House who will not be stopped by fear not by any lack of strength, not by the immense size of the mission.

“Must he be grateful to the servant for doing what he was told? So with you: when you have done all you have been told to do so, say ’We are useless servants: we have done no more than our duty.”

The joy of the farmer who sowed the seed in his garden comes from the fact that whether he is sleeping or awake the seed will grow!

The same goes for the Kingdom of God within us. So that the imperishable seed of God’s Love remain alive in us we need water of life and the sun of love.

As we serve God, the pilgrimage continues and the day is not yet over. Rest will come when God wishes it to be so.

What Jesus asks from us today is to look to the future with hope, this future which God will invent.

God does not give us a spirit of fear or of timidity, but he gives us his spirit of strength and love. We dare to undertake and persevere without holding on to

anything in our hands and without any other Light in our hearts than God’s Word.

Without showing it, Jesus keeps on talking to us, and day after day his voice comes and reminds us of his Promise.We live from His fidelity.

God knows what combat we are engaged in, he doesn’t deprive us of means to accomplish his work.

We ask God to be put on the right level of faith, in the link of love with God.

Let us ask for the grace to hear this Good ’News’.

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