28th Sunday, year ’C’ 28e dimanche, année ’C’

“When Jesus saw them he said tot hem ’Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ Now as they were leaving they were cleansed.”
Sunday 11 September 2016

2R.5,14-17 Ps.97 2 Tm.2,8-13 Lk.17,11-19

28th Sunday, year ’C’ “Now it happened that on the way to Jerusalem he was travelling in the borderlands of Samaria and Galilee. As he entered one of the villages, tn me suffering from leprosy came to his encounter.”

In Jesus’ time, lepers had to cry ’Impure! Impure!’ When they had to enter the village. They had to live far from the human community.

As he goes into the village Jesus hears ’Jesus, Master, have mercy upon us!’ There are ten lepers there, they had made up their mind to ask Jesus to heal them. This is their last chance for their life, for thy are rejected by men.

The figure ’ten’ means ’the community’. It is as though the world is coming to encounter Jesus.

Leprosy is horrible in the way it ravages your face, and members of humanity. In a symbolic way it means sinfulness. It is sinful humanity that encounters Jesus and cries out : ’Jesus, master, have pity upon us!’ Due to its contagious nature it keeps people away.

Jesus’ gaze is full of Love. It is the way the Creator looks at his disfigured creature. In seeing them Jesus said to the : ’Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ This Word gives them hope in their hearts. It will be the priest who will re integrate them back into t he community.

“Now as they were going away they were cleansed.”

Jesus is in such a state of Joy! The weight of solitude and suffering which cut them of from human beings has now been lifted from them! Jesus respects how these lepers are embarrassed, they felt so ugly and undesirable. It is up to the priests to decide on whether they were cured or not and to offer up sacrifices for them.

One of these former leers, seeing he was cured, turned around, ’he threw himself at Jesus’ feet, his face on the ground’. This time he can draw closer, he isn’t a leper any more. And so Jesus asked : ’Weren’t they all cured? We didn’t see them come back to give glory to God!’

The mystery of Jesus Saviour, who knows about the powerful power of his Love, reintegration mankind back into all his Beauty, in an unknown Love.

The others will go into the Temple, and will be brought back into the community of prayer. They will keep control of their spiritual life whereas they should have the desire to be in communion with the Living God who is so close to us, and have the desire to live the resurrection of humanity with Jesus.

“Jesus said to the man ’Stand up and go on your way! Your faith has saved you!”

Jesus asks for a complete act of Love from Him. The ten believed; but only one thanked Jesus : the smallest one, the one most despised of all, the only Samaritan. The nine received the gift from Christ and it seemed something normal. God’s goodness didn’t take them away from their selfishness; they didn’t understand that through this healing Jesus was calling tot hem, that God freed them for praise and service.

The Samaritan came back, crazy with joy, speaking loudly and kept thanking God. He was aware that Christ loved him to the point of healing him. This I salvation, the Resurrection : this Samaritan became a disciple of Jesus, he is going to go and proclaim everything Jesus did for him, the life Jesus gave him. He is the symbol of the Christian community live in he Holy Spirit. He is risen from the dead. Jesus on his way to Jerusalem bears upon himself all of out distress, all our misery and deaths so that we get out and become adorers of God, risen who shine forth the Gospel.

We ask God for the grace of a faith which gets us to cast aside the cloak of sadness.