2nd Sunday of lent year ’A’ 2e dimanche du carme, année ’A’

’This is my beloved Son in whom I have placed all my joy : listen to Him!’
Saturday 7 January 2017

Gn.12,1-4a PS.32 2 Tm. 1,8b-10 Mt.17,1-9

2nd Sunday of lent year ’A’

“Six days later, Jesus took with Him Peter, James and John his brother, onto a high mountain to pray away from the crowds. He was transformed before their very eyes; his face became as bright as the sun, and his clothes shining white, full of light.” Jesus will allow his diciples to get to know him better by taking them aside for a while with him. He desires to nourish their faith. Peter had said to Jesus ’You are the Christ, you are the Messiah.’ And so Jesus revealed to him : ’The Son of Man is going to suffer, He will be slapped, crucified, like a murderer.’ Peter, James and John on the mountain are comforted, for Jesus is transfigured there before their very eyes! In order to cope with the trials we go through we remain in the rays of Jesus’ Light with Elijah and with Moses. In times to come, Jesus will make his way towards another mountain, towards Golgotha! This time he won’t be transfigured any more, but rather disfigured! It will be the way of the Cross! At the transfiguration Peter said to Jesus : ’Lord, how fortunate it is that we are here ; if you like, we can put up three tents, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.’ Now, Peter reveals what a trial it is to walk in the night of faith! "And behold before them appeared Moses and Elijah, having a conversation with Him. So Peter spoke , saying to Jesus ’Lord, it is right for us to be here! If you wish I can put up three tents, one for you, one for Moses and another for Elijah.’ He was still speaking when a light filled cloud covered them and out of the cloud came a voice saying ’This is my beloved Son, in whom I have placed all my joy : listen to Him!’  We see here how sincere and spontaneous Peter is. He didn’t know what he was saying. He had wanted to settle down into this privileged situation. But when they heard the Voice of the Father, they became afraid. The shining rays hidden deep down in Jesus appear in full daylight! This shining forth displays the Unity of Jesus’ Life. Crucified, he will shine in a different way in this same Love through which He will triumph over death! With Jesus we are on a way of glorification in the night of faith. The shining forth of this Love, the intense Light of God’s Glory can dazzle us for a time! Jesus shines in the deepest part of our lives, in the night of faith. A time of ’gestation’ on earth in the night of faith is necessary before we can live for eternity in the Kingdom! On hearing this the disciples fell on their faces and were filled with terrror. Jessu drew close to them, ad touching them said to them : ’Get up, and don’t be afraid! ’ Looking up, they could see no one except Jesus who stood there alone. Coming down from the mountain Jesus gave them this order : ’ Do not speak to anyone of this vision, before the Son of man is brought back from the dead.’  Joy gives way to fear. Jesus calms them down by saying ’Don’t be afraid.’ The Presence of Jesus in our lives is something permanent and comforting. He touches us, thus putting us back on our feet, so as to show us the right path leading to the Father.  Jesus’ path will also be our own, He needs us to say yes to Him. Jesus’ presence is important throughout the ’storms’ and turbelences of our lives. If at times we are dazzled when we go through privileged times and experience God’s Love, we have to ’come down from the mountain’ and take up the reality of daily life with all its upsets and continual disturbances. Times of transfiguration are necessary so that we ’understand’ that what happened to Jesus in his disfigaration is already his glorification. Jesus came in human flesh and had us participate in his own brilliant Light. Enlightened by Him, we movbe forward together envelopped by the Word of the Father : ’You are my Child, you are my Beloved, in you I have placed all my Love.’ In the night of faith, we can live each day from this Love in the Holy Spirit, Shining forth in God’s Glory which is at work in us.

We ask Jesus for the grace to be marked by this Word of Hope.