32nd Sunday year ’C’ 32e dimanche, annéee ’C’

“God is not God of the dead, but of the living; for to him everyone is alive.”
Wednesday 14 September 2016

2 Mc. 7 1-2.9-14 Ps.16 2 Th 2 16-3,5 Lk.20,27-38

32nd Sunday year ’C’

“Some Sadducee, -those who argue that there is no resurrection- approached him and they put this question to him. Master, Moses prescribed for us, if a man’s married brother dies childless, the man must marry the widow to raise up children for his brother.”

Once again Jesus introduces us into salvation by opening up his detractors so as to get to the bottom of things. He always respects those present to him by speaking respectfully to them, telling them the truth.

Jesus refers to Moses too, revealing the underlying polemic with the Sadducees.

Those risen from the dead are like angels, they are sons of God, inheriting the Resurrection.

And so , relationships taking into account sexuality is beyond them, it I revealed as an expression of the mystery of the relationship.

Jesus never stops linking relationship to his Father. He lives for Him, announcing we are already called to also live for Him. Jesus leads us into a movement of Love which leads us to the Father : ’He is not the God of the dead but the God of the living; everyone do indeed live for him.’

Many today are ’asphyxiated’ by a civilisation of the dead.

With Jesus we choose life for it is a matter of our faith in the Resurrection.

“Jesus replied’ The children of this world have wives and husbands but those who are judged worthy of place in the other world and in the resurrection from the dead do not marry because they can non longer die, for they are the same as angels, and being children o the resurrection they are children of God.”

Jesus is in favour of the Resurrection. The people who speak with him imagine what goes beyond an earthly mode, they educe eternal life to earthly life being prolonged.

In quoting the passage of the Burning Bush in the Book of Exodus, Jesus shows how God is not the God of the dead but of the living.

He doesn’t abandon his friend to death, and doesn’t let him see corruption.

In the great combat for life, we announce hat God is the God of life, and that our pilgrimage on earth opens up to a life that will never end!

The resurrection is for today, eternal life has already begun, and our desire is to remain there.

The children of the kingdom already have a share in the Kingdom, they inherit the Resurrection.

"And Moses himself implies that the dead rise again, in the passage about the bush where he calls the Lord the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.

Now, he is not God of the dead but God of the living."

In the world where human conceptions about life and death are so diversified and the Resurrection in the firing line, we let ourselves be guided towards the entire truth. Our faith in Christ’s Resurrection, founded upon a new Love that is given o us by Jesus, come from the Father, and confirmed by the Holy Spirit, had bee prepared for those who love God.

The Original burning Love will always be in our hearts, we sll love one another in God, in the Holy Spirit, in the fecundity of Divine Love.

Believing in the Resurrection is not just to speak about something beyond this life, it is also to give meaning to our life on earth.

Each person will be able to participate in God’s eternal Life, in this way will bring about his capacity to love and to be loved, with all his being, body and heart, soul and mind.

The uniqueness of human life says just how serious it is an dhow important it is.

Our path towards eternity is the unique place where we can bring about our capacity to love. This means we take seriously our freedom and responsibilities by affirming the importance of our choices we make today. To believe in the Resurrection means to believe in the unique value of the human person, in the

gratuitous love of God for each one of us, in our capacity to build up our happiness.

We ask for the grace to live as people who have risen from the dead. Our life is in Christ we want to live from the Holy Spirit for the Glory of the Father.