33rd Sunday year ’C’ 33e dimanche, année ’C’

“When they were talking about the Temple, remarking how it was adorned with fine stonework and votive offerings, Jesus said ’The time will come when all this will be destroyed.”
Saturday 1 October 2016

Ml.3,19-20a Ps.97 2.Th.3,7-12 Lk21 5-19

33 rd. Sunday Year ’C

“Jesus said ’Everything you are admiring will one day be destroyed.”

Jesus surprises us with his Truth , he isn’t the demagogue who promises us lovely things we shan’t ever have.

Jesus is realistic, he knows how to tell us how our road will never be an easy one. Humanity has the power to sabotage, accumulating violence upon violence, disaster upon disaster.

Like Jesus at his Crucifixion, his whipping and the crowning of thorns, all is touched by the ’mystery of iniquity’. Indeed, stone upon stone will no longer remain.

Mary witnesses this at the foot of the Cross : Calvary for the whole of humanity.

But come what may, this Calvary is in Christ, Jesus has born all things. In Him, the path will always be accompanied by Love, gentleness and tenderness. In the worst events, we become aware of the truth of the words :

“Nation against nation will rise up, terrifying things will come about.”

These events are always happening in the world. Epidemics, earthquakes, storms of hatred, the earth’s very foundations are touched:

“And they put this question to him ’Master, when this will happen, what signs will be given that this is about to take place?”

We apprehend the end of the world, which is not just personal for mankind going through their Easter Passage, but it is also the case for the whole universe.

And so we remain vigilant for the return of Christ by celebrating the mystery of Eater for the whole world and universe.

We are all in solidarity one with another in he Church. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to us so we can be attentive to the King of the world. The sun

of justice is Jesus who will rise up and will bring healing in the shining forth of his tenderness and mercy.

“When yu hear about wars and revolutions, do not be terrified, for this is something that must happen first, but the end will not come at once.”

The freedom of choice left for humanity appears in this time of distance so we are watchful and we pray so as to be found in Christ.

Th decision to love is one that comes from deep down within us and it is very personal one in link with the Holy Spirit.

We keep on begging for the whole of humanity so that God may come to our aid. How are we going to appear before him?

Our vigilances is the love with which we accomplish in our daily life works of light and of justice.

This love is our security for all that will not be found in Love is going to disappear. Jesus gives a sign to us : Our Blessed Lady in the mystery of her Assumption. In body and soul she is with the King of Glory, waiting for us to join her.

It is choice offered up for humanity, the Assumption of Our blessed Lady, of she who never stops loving in great integrity, she is transported into Heaven.

Our responsibility is in play, a sis our prayer and our choices, not only for ourselves but for the whole of humanity that w e love.

We ask God for the grace to grasp how serious the future of the world is, and of the time we are living in.