5th Sunday of Lent, year B 5è dimanche de Carême, année B

“In all truth I tell you,unless a wheat grain falls intot he earth and dies,it remains only a single grain; but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest.”
Saturday 28 March 2015 — Latest update Wednesday 20 January 2016

Jr. 31, 31-34 Ps. 50 He. 5, 7-9 Jn. 12, 20-33

5th Sunday of Lent, year ’C’

"Jesus said to the woman ’Nor do I condemn you; Go, and sin no more.’

Is.43,16-21 Ps.125 Ph.3,8-14 Lk.8,1-11

13th March 2016

“To put Jesus to the test, the scribes and the Pharisees brought to him a woman caught in an act of adultery.”

Jesus, coming from his prayer on the Mount Olives, is recognised by the people in the Temple as someone having an authority. This is intolerable for some who cannot stand Jesus occupying this position of power, so they lay a trap for Him. They take hold of a poor woman, using her to trap him!

We need to introduce a hiatus between Jesus and Moses : quarrelling is going on, who will be able to stop it!

In this climate of violence, the scribes and Pharisees want to take him at fault :

“Moses commands us to stone this woman, and you, what do you say?’”

We can very well see what the dilemma is : Jesus, Son of God, cannot contradict Moses. And He, who announces the Tender Mercy of God, is he going to stone this woman?

He is ’taken’ .

’But Jesus, crouching down, drew with his fingers markings on the ground’.

He sets humanity before its own conscience and he gives light to this conscience thus enlightening it :

’Whoever is without sin let him throw the first stone.’

It really is quite simple. These men understand the lesson straight away ; they go into themselves, discovering a world of sin even more abominable than the one before their eyes. And it is they who should take the stones to be thrown! And as they leave- the text says ’Beginning by the elders.’

“Woman, so where are they?”

Jesus had bent down in front of this accusation of the scribes and Pharisees, with their whole system. Jesus undermines their hatred by bending down and

drawing markings on the ground. This is how he sends all detractors towards their own solitude.

When people find this truth each one is humiliated by it, the system on which their authority is founded vacillates, they are sent back tot heir own condition as human sinners, confronted with their own fallibility.

This is how we become close to humanity seeking life, without judgement.

Jesus remains before this woman, after having announced what justice is, he announces why he has come. He pours out his mercy in such a lavish manner.He came in order to manifest this Infinite Love which is unknown to this woman, through Tenderness and Mercy.

Now this Love is going to be revealed, since Jesus said tot his woman ’ Nor do I condemn you, sin no more.’ In this he will not be Moses’ adversary. But God will be able to say again through His Son : I am nothing but Love and Truth, I am nothing but Tenderness and Mercy.

“Jesus said to this woman :’Nor do I condemn you; sin no more.”

Jesus remained alone. Here now, there is an atmosphere of new beginnings, that everything can start all over again. There is a call to go, to leave everything for the promise of God which resounds anew. It emanates from Jesus who is close by, which reaches the most simple of daily lives, which makes the power of beginning of this woman credible so that simple life is one that triumphs and is transmitted.

Jesus never stops stretching out to life, for him and others, whilst remaining in his place of solitude that is essential, by sending whoever it may be back to their magnificent freedom as a child of God.

It is up to each one of us to find once his or her freedom once again, to receive it in prayer.

In this time when we find once more our essential solitude by listening to God’s Word which leads us into a state of truth.

We believe in the God of Love, we shall become like Him tenderness, love and mercy because all that he touches He transforms into love, tenderness and mercy.

We are so lucky to know Jesus, we want to take hold of Him, as He took hold of us. We are there in the vivifying place of Infinite Love of the Living God.

We ask Jesus for the grace of tenderness and mercy.

50. Cinquième semaine de Carême: Fifth Week of Lent

501 5e dimanche de Carême, année B 5th Sunday of Lent, year B

“In all truth I tell you, unless a wheat grain falls into the earth and dies, it remains only a single grain; but if it dies it yields a rich harvest. amongt those who went up to worship at the festival were some Greeks. These approached Philip, who came from Bethaisda in Galilee, and put this request to him, ’Sir, we should like to see Jesus. Philip went to tell Andrew, and andrew and Philip went together to tell Jesus. Jesus relied tot hem : ’Now the hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.In all truth I tell you, unless a wheat grain falls intot he earth and dies, it remains only a single grain; but if it dies it yields a rich harvest.Anyone who loves his life loses it; anyone who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves me must follow me, and my servant will be with me wherever I am.If anyone serves me, the Father will honour him.’”

Jesus speaks of himself tot hose who want to see it. In such a short time they are going to see him crucified and in their intelligence they are likely to be deeply scandlized. The Cross is madness for the pagans,a scandal for Jews, but wisdom for believers. Through baptism, divine life is given to a child born into the kingdom. Just a few days away from Easter,we are given the invitation to marvel at life. What joy for a mummy to welcome her new-born child! in this season of Spring, nature is like a preparation for the feast of Easter. What joy to see the flowers, and very soon, the fruits that will form on the trees. What joy to hear the birds’ song, to know that it is the lambing season! Each time life breaks forth, something is given and we give thanks to God! We are the fruit of the wheat grain fallen to earth and dead, but which has risen again; we shine forth with this new life.

" Now my soul is troubled. What shall I say : Father, save me from this hour? But it is for this very reason that I have come to this hour. father, glorify your

name! A voice came from Heaven, ’ I have glorified it and I will glorify it again.’ “We take into account the measure that Love gives to all our actions a huge fecundity. We , too, may experience torments following Jesus, we can come to understand his combat. Mary, in her path of gentle humility that is her own , is affected in the depths of her being. for her it is the choice of God. she take sit, giving body to the Church.How this path of life leads her to go beyond herself! We believe that our life can bear fruit and a fruit that dwells in eternal life. Every time we go beyond ourselves, welcoming life with love, we are preparing the Kingdom that is to come. The tiny act we make, when we welcome something that goes a little against what we would have liked,these will be”stars“that will shine forever in Heaven.”The crowd standing by, who heard this, said it was a clap of thunder; others said, ’it was an angel speaking to him.’ Jesus answered, “It was not for my sake that this voice came, but for yours.’ Now sentance is being passed on this world; now the prince of this world is to be driven out. And when I am lifted up from the earth, I shall draw all people to myself.’ By these words he indicated the kind of death he would die.”

This divine life leads us to a generosity, a welcome, a gift of ourselves which is even greater! We are taken up in the whirlwind of Love. Whoever loves his life will lose it.. Jesus loved human life bu he wanted to go even further, to show us his way leads to eternel life. We go forward on our path towards Easter, knowing that this feast must bear light for us if we follow Jesus, and we want him to take possession of our whole life.

We ask for the grace to understand the cry of Jesus, the true meaning of his fecundity.