6th Sunday of Easter year ’A’ 6e dimanche de Pâques, année ’A’

’Whoever receives my commandments and keeps them loves me.’
Sunday 12 March 2017

Ac.8,5-17 Ps.65 1.P.3,15-18 Jn.14,15-21

6th Sunday of Easter year ’A’

“If you love me, you shall keep my commandments. I am going to pray the Father for you, he will give you another Defender who will always be with you : the Spirit of Truth ;the world cannot receive Him for it can’t see him and doesn’t know him; you however you know Him for he remains with you.”   Jesus strengthens the faith of his , they are the ones shaken by the announce of his departure. The disciples had placed their faith in Jesus, they had hoped that he was the messiah-saviour of their nation!  I shall give you another Paraclete so that he will be with you for ever, he said, this in order to help them get over their despair. The Holy Spirit enlightens our intelligence in order to renew his Light. Our intelligence, which is prepared by our memory, gets us to be able to adapt ourselves to the Living memory of Jesus, to his Love. Jesus loved us with the greatest Love. In turn we an love Him in the heart of our brothers. This is how we bring about the greatest commandment of Jesus’ Love, which we accomplish the Words he gave to us in the Holy Spirit.   “I shall not leave you as orphans, I shall come back to you. Very shortly the world will no longer see me but you shall see me alive and you shall live also. On that day, you will recognise that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.”   Henceforth the Holy Spirit is our advocate and He will always be at our side. He is our memory in relationship to Jesus the Love which fills our hearts. This is how we can keep Jesus’ precepts. It is Jesus who loves us. These links weaved in the Holy Spirit with Jesus unite us to our Heavenly Father. When we welcome and recognise the Love given to us we grow in communion. It is the Presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives which leads us and which helps us discern Jesus’ Work. The world is far from the Father and the Son who gives us their intelligence. The world is built differently, caught up in itself.  Jesus is the first Paraclete, the Consoler who answers the cries of we the Father’s children stranded in the desert. Emmanuel remains with us! He wants the Holy Spirit to be our strength and our Light. As Jesus wasn’t known in the world here we also shall be like him! This new Love will truly be our joy!   “Whoever receives my commandments and keeps them is the one whom I love; and the one who loves me will be loved by my Father ; I too shall love him and I shall reveal myself to him.” Jesus draws the Wisdom of his gospel from the intimacy he has with his Father. The Word of the Father who sent him is the fruit of the communion he has with the Father. This dialogue is so unifying that Jesus is able to say : ’I am in the Father and the Father is in me.  A similar relationship had been formed between Jesus and his disciples. This transmission of wisdom and of life is made in love. It is in being in communion with the Spirit of Jesus that the disciples draw their wisdom of life. Not only will the Spirit recall the words of Jesus but like a Paraclete he will interpret them and translate them for our life today. Keeping the Word means to put it into practice to be inspired from it in order to live and act. The Wisdom transmitted by Jesus’ Words will inform our thought and gestures giving ’shape’ to our life, modelling it. It s the Spirit of the Father who activates this information, the Spirit is the strength of Love. This is how we are lead as far as the Life linking us with others, to all other people. The Life promised to us is God’s very Life exchanged between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We offer our memory, intelligence and our will to the Infinite Love of God. In this new Love which is a new Life we enter into intimacy, the Love of the Father and the Son.

We ask for the grace of help of the Holy Spirit who comes to the help of our weakness.