8th Sunday OT year ’A’ 8e dimanche TO année ’A’

“Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself; each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Thursday 22 December 2016

Is.49,14-15 Ps.61 1 Co.4,1-5 Mt.6,24-34

8th Sunday OT year ’A’

“No one can be the slave of two masters : he will either hate the first and love the second, or be attached to the first and despise the second. You cannot be the slave both of God and of money.” The Word of Jesus is most vivifying, provided we put it into practice. Today we go to great stakes to protect conditions of life on the whole planet. Mankind no longer knows how to stop just to take time to contemplate a flower blossoming in spring, or a star-lit night. And yet it is the birds of the air and the lilies in the fields that make us contemplate the life we have received from God. You only have to see how birds and the lilies of the fields have all they need then we can come to an understanding of how we are worth much more than this in God’s eyes.  ’Ecology’ has us evaluate what makes life more humane. God has given us what we need to turn the earth into something beautiful and fertile. God doesn’t leave us without wat we need.We pray to God of Mercies to give us what we need. If we are lacking in food, or need a roof to sleep under, clothing, God will give us what we need, but with our participation. With Jesus we want to bring a remedy to the scandalous gap between the poor and the rich. God watches over us and we can live in trust. “Can any one of you, however much you worry, add one single cubit to your span of life? And why worry about clothing? Think of the flowers growing in the fields, they never have to work or spin; yet I assure you that that not even Solomon in all his royal robes was clothed like one of these.”  It is becoming more and more important to take time of silence and contemplation in order to keep a balanced life, one that is more true more simple and deeper. God our Father loves each one of us, his creatures, he speaks to us of the gift we have received, the gesture of thanks that sets us free. Our attention is drawn upon the need to act in view of sharing the marvellous goods we have received from God. Time is given to us in order to fructify the universe, in view of sharing in an equal way all the goods mankind has received, and this allows us to live a life in common. If nature wasn’t accompanied by the wisdom of mankind could become a chaos where the strongest law would reign. God counts upon us to bring about his Providence, we believe that ’our Heavenly father nourishes us.’ “Seek fist of all the Kingdom of God and its jutice and all these other things will be given you as weell. So do not worry about tomorrow : tomorrow will take care of itself.Each day has enough trouble of its own?.”  Our life has become a complicated one. God leaves it up to us to manage how to share the goods we are in need of. We become aware of inequalities between men and between regions of our globe! ’Seek first of all the Kingdom of God and its justice, and everything will be given back to you in surplus.’ Looking around us, we see how many people lack affection and so much more: God counts upon us, this we know.  ’Each day has enough trouble of its own’. God invites us to be thankful and to have infinite confidence. But when there is a huge lack of everything, then we have to work hard. God gives us all we are in need of but with his grace we come to share what we have. To serve God and use our talents is the best way to take his gifts seriously.To make the most of them we are present in the world in a very tangible way. Those who live at our side are pleased to see how we are concerned about God. Each day has enough trouble of its own "says Jesus.We wish to accomplish God’s justice so that even now everything will be given to us and even more. We ask for the grace to not worry but to work with our Heavenly Father who knows what we are in need of. “So do not worry, do not say ’What shall we eat? What are we to drink? What are we to wear? It is the gentiles who set their heart hearts on all these things. Your Heavenly Father knows you need them all.”