8th Sunday of Ordinary Time, year ’B’ 8e dimanche du Temps Ordinaire, année ’B’

“You shall be my fiancée and it shall be forever.”
Saturday 24 October 2015

Hos.2,16-17b.21-22 Ps.102 2 Co.3,1b-6 Mk.2,18-22

8th Sunday of Ordinary Time, year ’B’

’You shall be my fiancée for ever.’

The response given by Elizabeth of the Trinity to the Word of today brings to us the Joy of the Beloved Bridegroom. Pharisees say to Jesus : ’Why don’t your disciples fast? Why aren’t your disciples sad?" Jesus reponds : ’They can’t fast, they are Joyful because the Bridegroom is with them.’ The sadness and joys of Christians are lived out in true Joy which is that of the Holy Spirit within us. It is the Joy of God within us.

The first reading of Hosea already approached this mystery of God’s Joy as in the time of Hosea’s youth. “I am going to re-establish joy in his heart by the gift of myself and she will respond to me as in the time of her youth. I shall speak to her heart to heart. ’You shall be my fiancée and it will be for ever’ You shall be my fiancée and I shall bring you love and tenderness.”

The response that Elizabeth of the Trinity makes to Infinite Love is so beautiful. She invites us to enter into this joy of the Bridegroom. ’To be a bride of Christ is not just the expresion of the gentlest of dreams, it is a divine reality, the mystery of a whole mystery of similitude and of union. A bride : everything that this name makes us feel about love that is given and received, of intimicy, fidelity, absolute devotion. To be a bride is to to be delivered as he is delivered. To be a bride is to have all rights over his Heart.It is a heart to heart throughout lifetime. It is to live with , to always live with. it is to rest from everything in him, and allow him to rest from everything in our souls. It is to know only one thing : love, love by adoring, love by reparation, love in praying, in asking, by forgetting one’self,loving always in every form. To be a bride is to have one’s eyes in his own, with our thougts haunted by him, our hearts altogether invaded, as though out of oneself and passed through him. The souls is full of his prayer, full of his soul. All of one’s being is captivated and given. It means always keeping our gaze fixed on Jesus, It means to be surprised by the slightest sign, the slightest desire. It means entering into all of his joys. Sharing all his sadnesses. Being fecund, co-redemptorist,bringing children to birth in grace. Finally it means to have delighted his heart to the point of forgetting any

distance, the Word pours himself out into the soul as in the bosom of the Father, with the same ecstacy of Infinite Love. It is the Father, the Word and the Spriit invading the soul,turning it into god, consuming it into one through love : it is mariage, the fixed state because it is the indisolable union of wills and hearts. And God said: ’Let us make a companion for him, they will be two in one.’

These words are truely beautiful, God’s Joy is truely in our lives. The Apostle Paul bears witness of a mystery that is similar when he announces the ’verification’ of ’my minister ’by the joy that shines forth from Jesus’ disciples. I don’t need any letters, my only letter is yourselves, he says! It is God in your hearts. You are this document coming from Chrsit commended to our ministry, you are the bride of Chrsit. The bride who lives from the gift of the Bridegroom.

We ask for the grace to always celebrate the Eucharist in our lives. The gift of Jesus who gives us all He is : ’This is my Body given up for you ; this is my Blood poured out for you.’ May we become what we are, what we receive, so as to bear witness to Him.