Becoming as little children once more : adoration. Redevenir comme des petits enfants : l’adoration

Dimanche 3 mars 2019

Audio Becoming as little children once more : adoration Redevenir comme des petits enfants : l’adoration How can we dwell in Mary, the one who adores in Spirit and in Truth ? She was formed by Jesus, and worshipped God in Spirit and in Truth. How can we contemplate Mary so that we always remain in an attitude of contemplation ? We could take up the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary so as to confront, or even better, so as to immerge our own life in Mary’s mystery, a mystery which continues in her little children, which continues in her poor ones, and in these poor sinners whom we are. To contemplate Mary in this mystery of the Annunciation, a conjugated action between her own heart and that of God’s, of everything that the Holy Spirit brings about in her ; she is in a state of Adoration. Contemplating Mary who sets off visiting Elizabeth as she remains in a state of adoration, in this Presence, in this Mystery which is brought about within her. Mary, causes Elizabeth to go into a state of adoration ; when the Holy Spirit acts, she cries out loud, her heart is struck… Mary s adoration on the road to Bethlehem when everything is agitated around her and when apparently there is no place for adoration, Mary remains in a state of adoration. Adoration before the tiny little Jesus, and this adoration can still be given in the Eucharist… Adoration when in the temple the old Simeon announces harsh words to her, her heart will be pierced… Mary’s adoration when she goes seeking Jesus when she finds him ‘We were looking for you all anguished,’ despite this, Mary had still remained in a state of adoration, To contemplate in our Rosary everything that makes up our life and its direction, so as to live it in her, but it is not just in the Joyful mysteries that Mary remains in a state of adoration, these more difficult moments of anguish,revolt,criticisms always at the door of our heart, Mary is in a state of adoration at Jesus’ Agony, she is in state of adoration in her own agony… She is in a state of adoration when Jesus is crucified, it is the only way she can remain standing and consent to this mystery… So, to re- read our whole life in the Light of these joyful, sorrowful mysteries… Mary is in a state of adoration when she encounters Jesus on the way of the Cross, he is carrying his Cross, having been stripped and whipped, with a crown of thorns, she is in a state of adoration, and it is because adoration is in her heart that she won’t fall into a state of revolt, criticism won’t invade her. Mary is in a state of adoration when she her child is dead, this is the height of iniquity, ignominy…what gave her strength was adoration, she didn’t ever leave this Presence of God, the Holy Spirit, adorer in spirit and in truth. The Holy Spirit enables her to remain standing whereas Jesus is laid on the Cross, offered to the Father… Mary’s adoration when she receives John, when Jesus utters his last breath ; He gives the Holy Spirit… To remain in adoration at all these moments is to remain in God’s Presence, waiting for God, waiting and desiring God, to remain in communion… To remain in adoration in the Glorious mysteries : the Risen Lord Jesus, Mary remains in a state of adoration in the night of faith. Mystery of the Ascension when Jesus leaves the world despite the fact he remains in the world’ I am with you always, until the end of time.’… The mystery of adoration is like the Porsche to enter into every mystery, this mystery of adoration which whatever our life might be like, enables us to unite our life to God’s Life. These mysteries of the Rosary are like an education into the vey life of adoration.. Mystery of adoration when the Holy Spirit is perturbing the place where the disciples are gathered ; mystery of adoration in Joy, in sorrows, and in these mysteries of Glory. Mystery of adoration for us in the Assumption, knowing that from now on Mary counts upon her little ones, on her poor ones, so as to continue in her life her own Mystery, Mystery of the Church in adoration. Adoration before what is being prepared in Heaven, where the Love of God is King in our lives. As we enter into Lent we are going to ask for this grace of Adoration, so that our lives never be tipped over, jostled ; your God is here Present, He is here. We only need to remain in this attitude where we count on Him, when we expect everything from Him, and it is exactly this attitude which allows God to do his work in ourselves and in the world because we become for Him a place of welcome, so that his work can continue, And so we’ll ask Mary to come to our help, so that as we follow Jesus, we become these adorers in Spirit and in Truth.