Blessed Sacrament year ’A’ Saint Sacrement année ’A’

’Just as the Living Father has sent me, and as I live through the Father, so whoever eats me will live also through me.’
Sunday 18 June 2017

Dt.8,2..16 Ps.147 1 CO 10,16-17 Jn.6,51-58

Blessed Sacrament year ’A’

“I am the Living Bread come down from Heaven : if someone eats this bread he will live forever. The Bread I shall give Him is my flesh, given so that the world might live.” In the Book of Proverbs, bread and wine are images of spiritual food. This image announced the bread of intelligence, the bread of faith, the Word opens up for us God’s Love. In the synagogue of Capernaum, Jesus announces this : ’The Bread of God is the One come down from Heaven to give Life to the world.’  Jesus’ boldness brings up murmuring in those who hear what he has to say. People in the synagogue are astonished and on the verge of creating a scandal. The rumours worsen. We have the grace to know what Jesus’ true response is, when on Maunday Thursday He took the bread and the cup and says : ’Take this all of you and eat of it : this is my Body given up for you.. Drink all of you, this is my Blood.’ On the day after the multiplication of the Bread in Capharnaum, Jesus develops a catechism on the Eucharist. Today we know just how vital and necessary the Eucharist is for us all. Just as the human body can’t live without food, we have to develop a life of Love which we begin to live when on earth. Eternal life is inaugurated from now on in our daily life through a deep and intense relationship with Jesus, one which is invisible. "The Jews argued amongst themselves : ’How can he give us his body to eat?’ So Jesus said : ’Amen, amen, I tell you : if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of God and if you do not drink his Blood, you will not have life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood shall have eternal Life, and I shall raise him up on the last day. For indeed my flesh is true food and my blood true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in Him.’  To dwell in Jesus represents the greatest challenge of our whole life. We walk in the desert just like our fathers walked in the Sinai desert. God places in the heart of his people the desire to deepen so as to discover what is in their heart. God’s Word brings meaning to our walk and is food as we go on our way! This walk reveals what is in our hearts. It prepares it to receive food that gives life. God is already wanting man to discover how he doesn’t live by food alone but by every Word that comes out of God’s mouth.  If we are in fundamental need of food for our bodies, there exists another type of food which is all the more necessary : that of the heart. It is Jesus, the ’Living Bread’, the Word made flesh, filling our hearts. Jesus is ’the true food, the true drink’ which gives Eternal Life. “Just as the Living Father sent me and I dwell in the Father and live through Him, so whoever eats me will live through me. This is the Bread come down from heaven : it is jot like the bread the fathers ate. They are dead ; whoever eats of this Bread will live forever.” To dwell in Jesus’ mystery means to find in Him Light, peace and forgiveness. It means drawing from Jesus’ Life the strength we need to go through ordeals by trying to see things as he does, as well as people and events.  To dwell in Jesus means to bring to Him in prayer all our heart, letting His Word find an echo in us in the deepest part of our freedom so as to be impregnated with his Mercy. Jesus sums up this sharing of intimacies, when he says : ’Whoever eats me will live in me.’ So every time we receive communion by taking the Body and Blood of Jesus, we enter into communion with the Life of the Son of God, the One Sent from the Father. For us the Eucharist is Bread for the journey. When we eat the Body of Jesus, we come to be resourced in his Life, as he himself was a traveller in our midst and who continually was resourced in the Father’s Love.  We shall live through Him, for the Eucharist is a gage of victory over forces of refusal, aggression and isolation, and even over sickness and death. We shall live, since Jesus wants our friendship with him to go on forever. He wants us to share life with Him forever, this goes for all those who believe in Him, and goes beyond death which will carry us away, this idea of death can worry us at times for we are poor human beings : - ’Whoever eats this bread will live forever. And I shall rise him up on the last day.’ It is this Git of God, this Presence revealed by Jesus that we shall contemplate in this great feast of the Blessed Sacrament. This Bread of Life reveals to us just how much God loves us : he becomes a ’host’, offering in order to be accessible to everybody! He also wants to bring us together like seeds from the same hill ! ’’Since there is just one Bread, the multitude we are is just one Body.’ Jesus, who is a Presence of Love, unites us to Him and unites us to one another. He becomes food for us so that we can enter into a communion with his Body and Blood and in this way become One Body. In Jesus we make up a body which is perfectly untied!  Again today the Word tells us how the Eucharist makes up the Church and the Church makes up the Eucharist.

We ask for the grace to be rooted in the Church in order to receive Jesus the Bread of Life, ’Bread come down from Heaven’ and thus become his Body.