Christmas Dawn mass, messe de l’aurore

Vendredi 2 novembre 2018

Christmas Dawn mass « Let’s go to Bethlehem to see what ‘s going on there’. Is.-2,11-12 Ps.96 Ti.3,4-7 Lk.2,15-20 The shepherds said ‘let’s go to Bethlehem to see what’s going on there’. ‘They hurried off.’ This is what our spiritual life is like – today we have to get it moving again. « Let’s go to Bethlehem to see what’s going on there.’

The shephers discover Mary, Joseph with their new born child sleeping in a manger. We, too, are in need of this realism the shepherds have. A Child had been announced, the Holy Family is there before them. They discover a woman full of tenderness, of gentleness, filled with love for her child. They notice Joseph there, the upright man who had gone trough trials. But most of all they contemplate the musyterious Love which comes out from each one of them. This is very new for them, so they take their time. « After they had seen them, they spoke about what they had seen. As they tell about the angel’s visit and announce, the angels’ singing and the message thye had received, they become even more aware that Heaven is celebrating and that the earth exults. « The shepherds repeatd what had been told about the child. »

The shepherds’ visit is just as much a mystery for Mary and Joseph as was the Annunciation ! When Heaven begins its work, the earth exults, is joyous. Just as Mary’s Visitaion to Elizabeth, ‘the other one’ outside of the secret of this Love reveals what is in the intimate parts of her being ! In a dsicreet and secret manner, what goes on in the inmost heart of those who believe, is made known. This is an announcement of the mystery of faith, at the same time it is an extremely personal mystery yet there are repecrcussions on a community and social level. For each one of us, we have to get a move on in order that God’s work can come about ! In this way the mystery of God’s life develops within us. The Message is recieved, and spreads forth. We are all part of this spiritual path and we always need to keep on taking it.

3 « As for Mary, she treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart. » Mary treasured in her heart every single event that had gone on since the Angel had anounced to her the good news that she would be the Mother of Jesus. The shepherds go off, glorifying and praising God for everything they had heard and seen in compliance with what had been announced to them. It is in the heart of the night that we are living this Christmas feast. Day is dawning and the mystery is revealed to us by the Word of God, this apaprtion of the angels, the announcement made to the shepherds.

Now we need to make this spiritual experience our own in the depths of our being. In our life we als receive word that are announced to us, what shall we do with them ? The shepherds head off ! We too need to get a move on. Not to be satisfied with just hearing, or being taken by surprise by the event. Saint John of the Cross has these lovely words, drawn from his poetry for us to meditate upon : ‘Even though I kow that the spring gushes forth, yet it is still dark.’

Henceforth Christmas is the Bread of Life which gives this mystery to us. John of the Cross sings again : ‘I dsicover this spring in the Bread of Life, but it is dark. » Let us ask for the grace to keep all these events, as Mary did, and to meditate them in our heart.’ Let us ask for the grace , we who are invited to this beautiful feast at Christmas, to take the time to mediate the Word of God. The Word became flesh and from now on flesh became Word.