Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, year ’C’

Jesus said to them ’Give them something to eat yourselves."
Sunday 6 March 2016

Gn.14 Ps.109 1 Co.11,23-26 Lk.9,11-17

Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, year ’C’ 29th May 2016

"Jesus welcomed the crowds; he talked to them about the Kingdom of God ; and he cured those who were in need of healing.

It was late afternoon when the Twelve came up to him and said : ’Send the people away, and they can go to the villages and farms round about to find lodgings and food."

The multitude is hungry and Jesus is sitting there amongst them. He is welcoming, speaks to them, has concern for each person, revealing to them God’s mercy.

Jesus chooses the Twelve disciples to feed this crowd of people. He already announce the mystery of the Eucharist. The Twelve are going through a hard time. ’Send away this crowd’ they said to Jesus. We don’t have enough to eat with just five loaves and two fish. What is this for so many people?

This too is our daily life for we are unable to respond to the crowd with our poor means. One young lad has five loaves and two fish in his bag! God will transform this anguishing reality of the apostles with this few means.

Still today Jesus wants to change our perceptions asking us to look towards our Heavenly Father.

He wants to transform our humanity so it doesn’t lean upon itself, but so it counts upon God’s Providence always at work.

“Jesus said to hem ’Give them something to eat yourselves. But they said ’We have no more than five loaves and two fish, unless we are to go ourselves and buy food for all these people.’ For there were about five thousand men. But he said to his disciples ’Get them to sit down in parties of about fifty.”

The crowd has followed Jesus and is outside, far away from any inhabitants and evening is drawing in.

Jesus intervenes, it is a moment of deep communion. The crows was quenched by Jesu’ Word and now it is nourished by its bread of Life. And all ate to their

fill. It was in listening to his Word, in feeding us with His Body and Blood that Jesus has us pass from the multitude to the identity of community.

The Eucharist is the sacrament of Communion that has us get out of individualism so as to live together following Christ, having faith in Him. Already we see the Church’s situation announced, with so many people in need of help throughout the world. The Church is completely powerless. With our participation, our little nothing, God wants to take care of it, wants to do the impossible.

If each person puts into common what he has, we have what it takes to move forward with Jesus who take son all our cares and worries.

“Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, raised his eyes to Heaven and said the blessing over them ; then he broke them and handed them to his disciples to distribute among the crowd. They all ate as much as they wanted and when the scraps left over were collected they filled twelve baskets.”

Jesus had said to the disciples : ’Give them something to eat yourselves.’

These five loaves and five fish are in the hands of Jesus whereas the whole crowd ate until they were full.

The disciples who had been lost when faced with the incapacity of their means, the poverty of what they had available, feed the crowd.

If we know how to make available to God all we have, our humble capacities, then in this sharing, in this gift, our life will be fecund, it will bear fruit.

God becomes close to us through the sacrifice of the Cross. He lowers himself by coming into the darkness of death to give his Life, overcoming evil, selfishness and death.

In the Eucharist, Jesus has us run the road of service, sharing, gift, and the little we have becomes wealth.

God’s power, that of Love, comes down into our poverty so as to transform it.

We celebrate today the feast of the Blessed Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Jesus, who is a Vital source for the Church. She is nourished by it and gives this Divine Life to all the baptised.

We ask for God’s grace that He may give priests.