Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, year’B’ Sacré Cœur, année B

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Sacred Heart, year B

’They will look to the one whom they have pierced.’

“It was the Day of Preparation, and to avoid the bodies remaining on the cross during the Sabbath- since the Sabbath was a day of special solemnity- the Jews asked Pilate to have the legs broken and the bodies taken away. Consequently the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first man who had been crucified with him and then of the other.”

Contemplating the face of the One who has just died on the Cross, Jesus, with our physical eyes or again with our ’inner eyes’, lit by faith - Jesus, who had just had his heart pierced with a lance , thus opening it up and allowing water and blood to pour forth from it.. As well as being full of anguish, this passage is also extremely eloquent, for Jesus is truly dead. This mysterious ’water’ that doesn’t come out of a healthy body indicates to us, according to modern medicine, that like our ancestors said, Christ died of a broken heart. In this case what occurs is that the serum is separated from the red globules, which explains the phenomena of "water and blood.’

The feast of the Sacred Heart tells us once again of the Love of the Heart of Jesus given to the world.The Heart of flesh of Jesus, formed in the womb of his Mother Mary, is the divine means by which God’s Love is spread out in the heart of Mary. This Son ’who is in the womb of the Father’ is given to Mary.The Holy Spirit, Infinite Love of the Father and the Son is revealed in the ’beatings’ of Jesus’ heart. Jesus the Son of Mary made a Covenant with humanity in an indissoluble Covenant. Immaculate Mary offered to Jesus a heart that was moved by the Holy Spirit that could receive him in her Love.

"When they came to Jesus they saw He was already dead ,and so instead of breaking his legs, one of the soldiers pierced his side with a lance, and immediately there came out blood and water.’This is the evidence of one who

saw it-true evidence, and he knows that what he says is true- and he gives it so that you may believe as well.

The blood of Mary was given to her child to form a heart within her.The heart is the first organ that is developed in a child. Jesus had given his heart right from the beginning of his life as human being, he had given to his mother, Mary, all his Love .Mary’s heart is transformed by it and she loves Joseph with a fresh love. She loves Anne and Joachim with a new love also.Mary will love John, the Church and each one of us, in the Love of the Heart of Jesus. God made a Covenant with us in Jesus ’I was the one who taught humanity to walk, sustaining it with my arm. She didn’t understand that I came to her help. I guided her with humanity’, says the prophet. All of human history is contained in the links of love in the Heart of God : ’I guided her with links of Tenderness. Treating her like a new born baby raised to the cheek, I leant down to give her to eat.’

’All that happened to fulfil the Words of Scripture : Not one bone of his will be broken.’

Christ is truly dead because of our sins and in order to wipe away our sins ’By my death I raise man to heavens sublime abode. (Méliton de Sardes) God who held his promise to raise up his Son will equally hold his second promise : He will equally raise us up and to his right hand. We believe in Him and let ourselves be saved in his Love being touched in our human liberty. At the heart of the Eucharist we announce this new Covenant ’Behold the blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant.’ The Heart of Jesus is from now on given to the Church so that it may live from true Life.’ So you will be fulfilled and enter into the Plenitude of God.’, says the apostle. We look to Mary in this light, understanding that she desired Christ, who is God who came in the tenderness of His Love. We can situate ourselves in Mary’s Heart so as to enter into the heart of Jesus. She bore Christ in faith before bearing Him in her flesh. It is God’s Covenant that we make covenant. This Covenant is the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. If Christ dwells in our hearts through faith, we remain rooted in His Love.

Let us ask for the grace to be nourished by the Body and Blood of Jesus so as to be one in Christ, the Beloved.