Friday 23rd week Vendredi 23e semaine

“The disciple is not superior to his master ; but fully trained the disciple will be like his master.”
Tuesday 28 June 2016

1 Co.9,16-19.22-27 Ps.83 Lk.6,39-42

Friday 23rd week OT

“He also told them a parable : ’Can one blind person guide another? Surely both will fall into a pit? The disciples is not superior to his master ; but the fully trained disciple will be like his master.”

Here we are in a situation of wanting to correct other people, but without correcting oneself. This is a temptation of pride. Other people are a reflection of what we are. Through the words they say to us, their gestures, what they say, reveal to us what we are. They are a mirror in which we see ourselves. Their imperfections reveal our own.

If we are to recognise how we ought to correct ourselves this requires an effort to be humble with God’s help. When we have understood with what love we are loved with by the Lord, this Love overflows from us onto all those around us.

Our faith is like the anchor of a boat, giving stability to our lives. And so we can get out of any judgement.

“Why do you observe the splinter in your brother’s eye and never notice the big log in your own?”

Jesus educates his people, opening up a path towards others. This is Good News. He gets rid of the obstacles on the path of our relationships. He opens us up to the Love of God spread out in our hearts by the wounded Heart of Jesus.

Jesus speaks to us of blindness, he advices us not to try to take away the splinter in another person’s eye when we have a log we haven’t seen in our own.

Here again it is a question of seeking the truth about ourselves. We have faults to be corrected, and to eliminate imperfections. It is vain and a sin of pride if we claim to correct the small imperfections of other people whereas there remain huge faults in ourselves.

What the best thing to do is to correct ourselves. Let us try to take away the log out of our own eye and we shall have a chance of taking away a small splinter in someone else’s.

“How can you say to your brother ’Brother, let me take out that splinter in your eye’ when you cannot see the log in your own? Hypocrite! Take out the log in your own eye first, and then you will see clearly enough to take out the splinter in your brother’s eye.”

It is not an easy thing to find the truth out about ourselves. If we don’t see clearly what we are about, we shall lead others to fall.

Jesus teaches us humility, he opens up our minds concerning what it means to be humble of heart. Whoever is humble recognise the truth about himself, he sees and accepts it.

Blindness of mind and heart is the perfidious obstacle of whoever claims to be able to guide others. Only the person who is really humble will guide others with disinterest for their true good.

Likewise, we don’t seek to be guided by somebody who doesn’t live in the truth. The stage of seeking for truth is the key of humility.

The Word of God is such a beautiful journey to embark upon! We are in exile, trying to walk in simplicity every day, for our pilgrimage is strewn with obstacles.

We need to take the time to look around us, it is beautiful.

We ask for the grace to be evangelised in our own mission.