Friday of 18th week, even numbered year Vendredi de la 18e semaine, année paire

“What advantage does a man have should he gain the whole world and lose his own life?”
Thursday 26 May 2016

Na.2,1-3;3,1-7 DT.32 Mt.16,24-28

Friday of 18th week, even numbered year

"And so Jesus said to his disciples : ’If someone wants to walk after me, let him renounce himself, take up his Cross and follow me.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will keep it."

When we want to form a body with Jesus, follow the Lamb wherever He goes as the beloved does, we enter into a Word of God which is vigorous one which gives us life. We look to Mary and see what she lived.

’Many have the desire to enter into the Heavenly Kingdom of God but few consent to carry their Cross. Many wish for favours but few like sufferings; All wish to share his Joy but few wish to suffer for Him. Numerous are those who wish to follow Jesus to the breaking of the Bread, but rare are those who share the chalice of his Passion…Most people love Jesus as long as there are no ordeal or adversity.. but if Jesus hides or leaves them for a while, they fall into deep disarray.“, says the book of the”Imitation of Christ".

To truly belong to Christ means to be born into Jesus’ Passion which saves us from the passions within ourselves, enabling us to find innocence once more!

It is through Jesus’ agony that we are healed of guilt and anguish.

Jesus’ Passion unfolds before our very eyes as we see it is lived out in humanity, it is a Word of God that is alive and still present.

We can contemplate the suffering Jesus today in our sisters and brothers, He is still present. It is He who has us enter into his Passion and Mary’s compassion so that we may live out of the mystery of Love.

"For what advantage does a man have if he gains the whole world and loses his own life? And what could he give in exchange for his own life? For the Son of man will come with his angels in the Glory of his Father; and so he will give to each one according to his behaviour.

There are different ways of bearing witness to our faith in Jesus Christ, in joy as in pain.

’Those who love Jesus for Himself, and not for the gifts He gives, bless Him also in their sorrows and in the anguish of their hearts as well as in their greatest joys.. oh how powerful is love for Jesus when it is pure , without any mixture of search for self nor any self-interest!’ Says the ’Imitation of Christ’ again.

Through the mysteries of the Rosary we can live each moment as a moment of Jesus’ Salvation lived out in the present moment as we walk towards the Kingdom. Certainly, we are afraid of Jesus’ agony, of the combat going on within ourselves and outside of ourselves, and yet this is how we are set free of ourselves.

Jesus is always at work in our lives we ask Him for the grace to be sustained and to be true to Him and to the world. May His Life be our life, may Jesus’ Heart be in our heart, may Mary and the Holy Spirit form the child of the Father within us.

We ask for the grace to walk behind Jesus, and for the grace to live from His infinite Love in his Passion of Love.

“Amen I tell you : there are some of you here who will not see death before seeing the Son of man come in his Kingdom.”

To follow Jesus means to grasp the depth of the Gift he has given to us and that He makes of Himself. In order to adhere to our real person and to discover the child of God drowsing within us, Christ is our liberator, He is our Way.

It is when we go into these depths within ourselves that we perceive the Mystery of Jesus and discover the feelings that were in the heart of Mary. They were feelings of tender compassion : ’Calling the crowd to him, and at the same time his disciples, Jesus said to them : ’If anyone wants to walk behind me, let him follow me!’

What joy it is for us to follow Jesus.

’it is not enough to appear to be good and honest, we really have to be so. Good and honest is the one who does not cover up his ’me’ with God’s Light, doesn’t put himself forward, but he who allows God to be transparent in him, ’ says Pope Francis.

To follow Jesus means we enter into his mystery, the mystery of God taking on human nature : ’He came, he suffered, he died, he is risen, he will come again’. This is how we become like Him.

We ask for the grace and help of the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus with courage.