Friday of 27th Week, uneven numbered year Vendredi de la 27e semaine, année impaire

’Whoever is not with me is against me; whoever doesn’t gather with me disperses.’ said Jesus
Thursday 8 October 2015

Jl.1,13-15,2,1-2 Ps.9 Lk.11,15-26

FRIDAY of 27th WEEK, uneven numbered year

“But some of them said, ’It is through Beelzebul, the prince of devils, that he drives out devils out. Others asked him, as a test, for a sign from Heaven ; but knowing what they were thinking, he said to them, ’Any kingdom which is divided against itself is heading for ruin, and house collapses against house. So, too, with Satan, : if he is divided against himself, how can his kingdom last?”

Jesus had expulsed a demon ,and so now we encounter once again situations where there is much violence and hatred. What does this mean for us today that Jesus expulses demons? We want to be open to light and to goodness and shine with God’s Love so that the source of love, of life, and of unity that is given. If we have personal relationships that are shining with Love, where Life dwells, we can also find ourselves in places where evil fills the dwelling place! Here , it isn’t a good place to me, it is infernal. When it is the spirit of lies, malice, violence, anger,and zizany making the law, the damage is important in the ’ house ’. Now, Jesus comes to deliver us, so that our life is deepened all the time,and that we move forward discovering one another. Even if, in certain encounters where things differ, it is quite normal there be controversies. Jesus is attentive to having us move forward, he enlightens our action, our situation, our tradition, and he has his opponents speak whilst respecting them as they do;he recieves proposals, and out of charity, he shows the contradictions by putting the remarks on a wider scale.

“Now if it is through Beelzebul that I drive devils out, through whom do your own sons drive them out?They shall be your judges then. But if it isthrough the finger of God that I drive devils out, then the kingdom of God has indeed caught you unawares.So long as a strong man fully armed guards his house his goods are undisturbed; but when someone strongr than himself attacks and defeats him, the strongerman takes away all the weapons he relied on and shares out his spoil.”

Gradually a positive speech comes out of the speech, Jesus gives his interpretation,and he says something about himself, his action,his mission, the meaning of all this, so we can understand him, adhere to his announcement, follow him and open ourselves up to him. Jesus puts foreward the image of the stronger one, for what does occur is that our humanity can be open up to darkness that passes in our midst. We can be unconsciously the equipment for the adversary’s combat! In his Infinite Love, Jesus comes to help our suffering, our paralyses and our violence. Because Jesus’ action is really strong, gentle, and that it is adapted to us, we can allow ourselves to be led by it.

“Anyone who is not with me is against me ; and anyone who does not gather in with me disperses.” When an unclean spirit goes out of someone, it wanders through waterless country looking for a place to rest, and not finding one it says, ’I will go back to the home I came from. ’ But on arrival, finding it swept and tidied, it then goes off and brings seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and set up house there, and so that person ends up worse off than before."

A principle of discernement is given to us : to be or not to be with Jesus ,life is brought togetheer, it builds up,it develops with him. On the contrary division doesn’t help life, on the contrary it blocks it, prevents it to become, to grow, to be developped. We give thanks to Jesus, He delivers us from the hold of what is bad, it really is Jesus who is the strongest. The accuser of brothers is ’bound up.’ We are beings who are made for communion, turned towards one another! In welcoming the other person in love and by manifesting Jesus’ Love to him, we escape the power of the ennemy of human nature. We want to be with Jesus, with this strong and unshakeable man, through whom God’s strength acts. We need to understand that our being is created in the Image and Ressemblance of God, and it is a beautiful reality to belong to Him in all freedom.

We ask Jesus for the grace to hear this word in order to bring about Peace to those around us.