Friday of 33rd Week, odd numbered year Vendredi de la 33e semaine, annéee impaire

“It is written ’ My house shall be a house of prayer’, but you have turned it into a bandits’ den.’”
Wednesday 11 November 2015

1 M4..52-59 1 ch29 Lk.19,45-48

Friday of 33rd Week, odd numbered year

“Then Jesus went into the Temple and began driving out those who were busy trading, saying to them ’It is written : ’My house shall be a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a bandits’ den.’”

Each community is called to become a place for God, the place where God works for unity and salvation of mankind : ’For the Glory of God and for the good of the whole world." God’s commitment lasts out over time and is even re enforced in the new covenant where God’s Temple is no longer made by men’s hands, it is for all peoples!

The Body dy of the Risen Lords Jesus Christ is in fact for all of mankind. It is God’s place. It is in Christ that the whole of humanity encounters God. It is through Christ that all of their prayers and offerings are offered to God. The temple is where worship is given to God, and this is where we find Jesus in this Gospel passage.

Jesus is scandalised as he sees all these traders, he is deeply affected by this gang of thieves : the high priest, Levites and Pharisees have provided all types of sacrifice : oxen, sheep, money changers- everything is possible!

“This people honours me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” The prophet had already spoke of this, and it goes for all periods in time, for us today, and for all of mankind until Jesus comes back to earth : ’ When I come back, will I find faith on earth?’

“He taught in the Temple every day. The chief priests and the scribes, in company with the leading citizens, tried to do away with him.”

God’s plan is contested. Yet it his Plan of free Love that orientates what we live in community, in our families. Our house must become a house of prayer for Jesus, a house of prayer for all people. Here we are to bring a climate of silent prayer and a concern for the Church’s mission. The Christian community is a place of continual conversion. It is the place where the Holy Spirit works, forever rejuvenating it. We all know by experience how there is a real danger

of holding onto God’s gifts. As we set off, enlightened and consoled by the Holy Spirit, it is easy to be fervent under the Breath of the Holy Spirit, but as ordeals come along, and as we enter into the night of faith, things aren’t so easy. And so just as in the first covenant, the ritual can become very exterior to our life. It is the time to react, for trading isn’t very far off. This conversion is a great grace and if it this does not happen, the situation can tumble down very rapidly!

“But they could not find a way to do away with him because the whole people hung on his words.”

Each person, in his or her body and heart, becomes the house of prayer of our Merciful God. Each one, united to Christ’s prayer, He who is the Son of God, exerts in the name of the whole of humanity the function of prayer that the Church-Bride has. By throwing out everything that took the place of true worship, but Jesus gives God back His place and God’s people can enter in jubilation. If we begin by trading worship, we will never find adoration again.

’Jesus went into the temple and began to throw out those who were trading.’

Jesus wants to throw out of us everything that is taking the place of true worship, ’a true adorer in spirit and in truth’ and through this everything that is not true love between mankind. It is a question of conversion in our very roots, which is adoration of the Living God amongst men. The Word of God is so true : ’Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, then all these things shall be given unto you." We are invited to the gathering together of the whole of universal humanity. We are all living stones in our communities, One in Christ’s Body, we are ’growing into a holy temple, in the Mystery of the Lord Jesus.’

We ask for the grace to hear this Word and to enter into the mystery of Jesus who saves us.