God reveals Jesus His Son to the humble. Dieu révèle Son Fils Jésus aux humbles

Sunday 14 February 2016

2. God reveals the mystery of his Son to the humble

(Dieu révèle le mystère de son fils aux humbles)

God reveals the mystery of his Son to the humble.

The experience of life with the poor in l’Arche confirms their gift and fecundity.

They remind us through their simplicity that human nature is invited to enter into the grace of divine filiation offered to us all.

The poor ’dwell’ so strongly in this mystery given to them. They are ’naturally’ present to themselves in their poverty, aware of themselves as a gift of God in their simplicity. Present to the mystery of God offered to them, they bear witness to where they come from

’In his image He created them.’

Faith in the Word of God enlightens us

’I bless you, Father, for having revealed your mystery to your tiny little ones.’

The presence of the poor helps us penetrate into our being , into its depths. God has created as marvellous being : ’Marvel that I am’

The simplicity in the poor sends us to the Word of God made manifest in God’s splendour, in God’s Infinite Love. Whoever seeks God by a path of solitude,one that is different, is going to have to go through a time of great stripping of self, it is the grace of ’poets’ who have us enter in here.

“If someone loves me says Jesus, my Father will live Him and we shall come to Him and make our dwelling place in Him.”

God has revealed his mystery to the poor and little ones. He is Love, communion of Persons.

In revealing Himself to the little ones he makes his creature into ac child. He dwells in us by the revelation of Jesus come in human flesh, through the communication of his Love. ’They are born not of blood nor of the will of man but of God.’

In Christ Jesus the fullness of Divinity dwells corporally. In each one of us God dwells by his grace.

’May Christ dwell in us through faith.’

It is by faith that the mystery of God is revealed to us. We understand that the Apostle may express himself like this when faced with the mystery of Salvation:

’Blessed are you, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to have blessed us with all sorts of spiritual blessings. He has chosen us…to be holy and immaculate in His presence in Love. So we may be his adoptive sons through Jesus Christ."

To know Christ is to receive him in me through faith as the poor know how to do so, and to become like him.

So to love Jesus Christ is to be at the school of little ones to enter into the mystery of endless Love. In this New Love we give thanks to God for the gift of His Love.