Good Friday year’A’ Vendredi Saint année ’A’

“I have come to bear witness to the Truth!”
Saturday 11 February 2017

Is.52,13-53,12 Ps.30 He.4,14-16,5,7 Jn.18,1-19,42

Good Friday year ’A’

“Behold the man!” Jesus is arrested in a garden beyond the Kedron. Here in this garden, two groups confront each other : Judah, the cohort, the guards and on the other side Jesus and the disciples.  Straight away Judas disappears anonymously. The cohort and the guards came with ’lanterns and torches’ which didn’t lt them see the One who is ’the Light of the world. When Jesus is whipped, crowned with thorns and humiliated, he is resented as ’the man’. We see this in the recital of the Passion in St John. Jesus is free when faced with Pilate, when condemned as ’king of the Jews.’ Jesus is ’tied up ’by the guards of the Temple and by the roman soldiers. When buried, Jesus said once again ’tied up in bandages and is in a garden. Jesus reveals Truth; but the Jews take him for a blasphemer and condemn him to be stoned. Jesus is in agony and we don’t take our eyes off him : ’Behold the man! ’cries out Pilate. This is the sad state of humanity plunged in non-love, with its unbearable crown of pride that comes so painfully to tear away Jesus’ Face, for mankind no longer has a human face. Jesus is our King of Love living a Passion of Love for his people. Jesus will die for having said the truth about himself, for having been faithful to his Person, his identity and his Mission. He is the King of Love whose Truth speaks of itself, if only we have the desire to hear it. ’I have come to bear witness to the Truth’ said Jesus. Jesus is someone who speaks with a direct style of speaking. He had spoken publicly to the world, and he had always taught publicly in the synagogues and in the Temple, where all the Jews get together. His Word had a universal dimension, it spreads out in space and is addressed to all people. When Jesus speaks to a guard and to a high priest he says ’Why?’ Twice, but he doesn’t get any reply from them. No accusation is formulated against Jesus in order to justify his violence inflicted upon him, it is an innocent person who is condemned. Jesus is led to Caiaphas, to the high priests a place by those who do not go in so as not to be dirtied, so as to be able to eat at the Passover. So Pilate goes out to meet them. Pilate goes in, calls Jesus and says to him ’Are you King of the Jews?’ Jesus answers ’Are you saying this of yourself or are others saying this about me?’ Pilate said to him : ’So you are a King?’ Jesus replied ’You yourself say so, I am a king. I was born and came into the world to bear witness to the truth. Whoever is in truth listens to my voice’ Jesus is questioned as is Peter by the servant and the guards. Peter loses his identity with his ’I am not.’ Behind the pain of the One sent from God, what is seen and floods is is this incredibly crazy Love God has for us. It is the Face of the Father who from the top of the Cross says again : ’This is my Beloved Son in whom I have placed all my Love.’! Jesus, the Saviour of the world, combats in order to save us, he is at the origin of a whole new Humanity. Behind Jesus’ disfigured face lies the greatest Tenderness from God , given to us. "When I shall be lifted up from earth, I shall draw all to me’, said Jesus. If Peter denied to be one of Jesus’ disciples, the Beloved Disciple hears Jesus’ last Words. He receives Jesus’ Mother as his own mother and he is the witness of all these events.  We can contemplate the judgement of the world and the power of the Crucified One : Jesus draws all things to Himself.  In the sufferings of the Crucified Jesus, in the piercing of his side by the soldier’s spear, we are at the summit of od’s Infinite Love that saves the world. This mystery will be received by John and Mary at the foot of the Cross, as the most brutal of humanity’s violence’s.  When Jesus’ Heart will be pierced, Blood and Water will flow and will give a new divine Life to humanity in pray of pain. This is how we are joined and saved from violence, thanks to Jesus who overcomes evil with Good : ’They looked upon the One they had pierced.’  With a great cry, Jesus gave his breath again, the Holy Spirit. Through his open Heart, the water of baptism and the Blood of the Eucharist we celebrate this New Life. Beyond his disfigured aspect of his passion, Jesu i already glorified, he reveals a Beauty which is completely an inner beauty. Henceforth it is the poor who cross our paths who reveal it to us, for Beauty comes from within.

We ask for the grace to enter even more into the mystery of Jesus who is the Poor One, in whom shines forth Divine Life.