Holy Family year ’B’ Sainte famille année B

“Look, this child is destined for the fall and rise of many in Israel, he will be a sign of contradiction.”
Monday 23 October 2017

1 Jn.2,12-17 Ps.95 Lk.2,22-40

Holy Family year ’B’

“When the day came for them to be purified in keeping with the Law of Moses, they took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.” The Holy Family is for our families a source of Wisdom for all of our families who are united in Jesus’ passion in the sacrament of marriage. Our Heavenly Father gives them the Holy Spirit so that parents and children achieve a common work, that of a Christian family. This is the Wisdom manifested by Anne in the Gospel, this woman proclaims God’s praises in Jesus. The Light came into the world. We venerate this mystery with so much fervour that we move forward towards him in the enthusiasm of the new Love offered to us. Jesus is the Divine Splendour of the One who comes, who floods the world with Eternal Light by pushing back darkness.  Just as Mary, accompanied by Jesus, bore in her arms the true Light of the Temple of Jerusalem, likewise, we are enlightened by his rays so s to enlighten the world of our families. In this Christmas time, a new fulness is given to us, anew fecundity is expressed to us, and henceforth our life is guided by the Holy Spirit. Anne is a prophet as she runs announcing to all waiting for deliverance speaking of what she reads in the eyes of the little one, in the eyes of Mary and those of Joseph. This message of Love is for us, who are waiting for hope, Anne became ’like’ a new creature! “When they had done everything the Law of the Lord required, they went back to galilee, to their own town of Nazareth.” May no one reman, as if a stranger, far from this light which enlightens nations; may no one, since he is flooded with light, be stubborn enough to remain plunged in darkness. All together, we move forward enlightened in our families, walking to encounter Jesus. With Him, we exalt with all our hearts as we sing a hymn of thanksgiving to God, Father of light, who has sent ys to the holy family. Mary at the cross will bear witness to the wish darkness has to overcome families: holding on o things, wanting to enjoy things and not knowing this greater happiness which is given by God; pride of wealth, selfish desires of human nature. But Jesus’ presence delivers our families from inner dispersion. On the contrary we ca be assured that God is with us, our eyes have seen Salvation. This Wisdom from God for humanity expects prudence from us, away of behaving which is rooted in the Will of the Father. “And as the child grew to maturity, he was filled with Wisdom; and God’s favour was with him.” The salvation God has prepared in the face of all peoples is also the recreation of the family that has from the very beginning been damaged, due to lies and accusations of brothers.  Thanks to Christ we have been delivered form the darkness of ancient sin, as Simon was from links of the present life, by seeing Christ. By embracing faith in Jesus Christ, come from Bethlehem to meet us, we have become God’s people, for it is Christ who is the Salvation of God the Father. With our own eyes we have seen God made flesh. Now that God’s presence has been revealed and that we have welcomed him as this little child at Christmas, the child within us needs to grow ad be strengthened thanks to Jesus the Saviour of humanity. Lead by Mary, we move forward altogether filled with the Holy Spirit, asking for God’s grace to be continually upon us: ’To all those who believe in Him, who are not born rom the flesh, nor from blood, nor from human desire’ Jesus gives to become children of God! This spiritual child hood helps us to go further than childhood faults. With the Coming of Christmas, this transformation which the Holy family brings for our families is altogether marvellous.

We ask for the grace of a renewal for our families so as to dwell in the new Love which Jesus brings to us and to the world.