Jean-Claude and his ’determination’ Jean-Claude et sa determination

Sunday 14 February 2016

6. Jean-Claude and his ’determination’

Jean-Claude is a one of the elders of l’Arche, with more than forty years of presence there. Down’s Syndrome, he has all the beauty of this condition, with his confidence but also his impetuous character. When he says ’no’ it’s ’no’! The Christian life, his almost daily participation in the Eucharist has helped Jean-Claude’s heart to become refined.

With the help of Jesus and Mary he can control himself. About this ’control’, he says : ’It’s Jesus!’ What does he mean? Mystery! Nevertheless he has a heart refined enough that he understands if he says yes to Jesus, he is like Mary, the servant of the Lord. And then he bursts out laughing and this ends in a big hug.

To enter into the mystery of divine filiation means to empty oneself of all that is ’self’. Good old Jean-Claude exerts a mysterious paternity towards many young assistants. It is a spiritual ’paternity’. When he is docile to the Holy spirit, Jean-Claude shine with life and with alight that doesn’t come from him. In fact, in some meetings, the remarks Jean-Claude can come out with can be very spot on, even most inspiring. Through his being he manifests something of the Goodness Jesus has.