Letting ourselves be born to a new life through Mary Par Marie se laisser former enfant de Dieu

Thursday 18 February 2016

Letting ourselves be born to a new life through Mary

Out of all mothers, Mary is the only one to have chosen to conceive her own child : ’The Word became flesh . Mary said yes to the Word.

The Son of the Father is the only Son who chose his mother. It is thanks to Mary’s yes that the Father engenders the Son in Mary’s womb. It is in Mary’s yes that the Father and the Son give themselves eternally. To situate myself as a son of the Father, it is necessary that I enter into the mystery of Jesus. Mary has given her consent to the coming of Jesus ’ I bless you Father for having revealed this mystery to the little ones.’

The Holy Spirit is the Gift made to Mary who is going to allow us to enter into our filiation, a mystery of a new Life of Love in us, the life of the Holy Spirit. I need to become a son to be able to speak of God the Father. So as to reveal this mystery to me, God chose a woman and he sent the Holy Spirit in our hearts to allow us to say ’Abba’, Father.

I need to ask for the grace to be a son with Him, in Him and through him and for Him.Once again it means turning towards Mary his Mother according to Jesus’ desire : ’ aBehold your mother’. It is a question of recognising and welcoming the divine maternity of Mary so s to also become her son : ’Behold your son.’

Mary wants to form in me the child of the Father. ’The Holy Spirit will come upon you’ it was said at the Annunciation. The Holy Spirit who is welcomed dwells there : this ’dwelling place’ becomes this bursting forth of Love, a Source of Life, bursting into eternal life : we can understand the exclamation of this woman in the Gospel : ’Blessed is the woman who bore you and who nourished you.’ She understands that it is necessary to enter into a relationship of Love with God. She has before her the Son of God who is nothing but a Yes to he Father. And so she is the mother of this son who has said yes to Infinite Love. From now on the path is opened up : ’Whoever does the will of my Heavenly Father is my brother, my sister, my mother.’

With Mary enter into a new fecundity. Mary became ’the living woman’, the one whom God takes care of so as to give us the divine life of the Church. The secret of Divine Life is a Person, the Holy Spirit. It is He who from now on animates our lives and that makes up the Church. We can tell God in truth about our human life. We can say it to Him because we live from it.

God’s revelation in Christ remains a secret! The poor, who joins Christ in his mystery ,will be able to express it in a unique way.The mystery of this Love of God is always offered up : ’God, no one has seen him, the Only Son who is the womb of the Father has made him known.’

Having contemplated Him, we can announce God for we have become the face of Christ. We contemplate the shining Love that is new for the whole of humanity in the Eucharist : ’This is my Body given up for you, this is my Blood poured out for you’ says Jesus for ever more in his Church.

We announce the great gift of Jesus : ’It is great the mystery of faith’. This New Love is from now on sung by our whole life. This New Life is shared and received by the poor who are in need of God to live.

It is Mary’s humanity that the Father has chosen so as to germinate a Saviour in it. It is this humanity that Jesus ’took’ to have Salvation come to us by means of His Passion of Love. By His Passion and Resurrection this new humanity is from now on our own. It is so good to live and dwell in our divinised humanity in Christ. Our heart enters into Adoration before this mystery of God who came to dwell amongst us. To come to this contemplation means to let ourselves be transformed by it and enter into this new filiation that is offered to God’s children. By contemplation we enter into a new paternity according to the Spirit. We become actors of a civilisation of Love, of a new world. In order to do this, the poorest and the little ones have to be welcomed. They are the heart and they centre of humanity that is in need of a surplus of soul.’ They don’t have any more wine’ Mary already said at Cana. The total confidence in Jesus is still necessary today for the ’servants’ we have become. This is how all the useful discoveries of the world can contribute to the regeneration of humanity. In welcoming the poor whom Jesus ends us, it is Jesus Himself we welcome. By welcoming them, we give to the Church and o humanity, the best divine remedy so as to be faithful to Jesus ’the poor, you with always have with you.’