Love will soon awaken me and I shall at last be all His. ô folie, j’ai fait de la Croix ma seule raison

Monday 22 February 2016

O folly, I have made of the Cross my one and only reason for living.

The servile soul has a vile aspect

Quite present but going well beyond

Of what is useful and useless

O folly, I have made of the Cross

My one reason

It keeps me in the centre of the arena

So as to witness to the good combat

But all arms are vain

When in faith flow

Tears of forgiveness.

Evil believes it possesses its prey

But hope as a spear

Pierces heaven deep down in me

Deliverance comes from wounds

O noble surrender

Soon Love will awaken me

I shall at last belong wholly to Him

Like a seal He will keep me

On his heart, delivered and delighted

As he wishes.

Yes, the Lord is my dwelling place

Wherever is He, am I

Close to my labouring brothers

As long as the world has not accomplished

Its long ascension.

O folly, I have made of the Cross my only reason.

The little bride is lying on the Cross with Jesus. She found herself there, without knowing how, if it is not out of the love in her heart for Jesus, she was taken there without seeing him. ’The servile soul in a vile aspect, very present, but well beyond what is useful and useless.’ So she is the laughing stock of people, looked upon as people looked upon Jesus on his bed of sorrow. Her act of faith is a double one, believing in Jesus who loves her, and believing she is loved by Jesus in this suffering. This suffering is demeaning, it ravages all identity of oneself that is not built upon the mystery of Jesus. Sorrow joins Jesus in a new union of Love, that will only be understood in Heaven.

“O folly, I have made of the Cross my only reason.”

On this sorrowful earth, the Cross of Jesus is the only Light. Folly, scandal for the world and for intelligence, but for the bride, her gaze fixed on Mary, it is beneficial, for it alone gives meaning to the ordeal.

It keeps me in the centre of the arena, bearing witness to the good combat. Evil thinks it possesses its prey but like a spear, hope pierces Heaven deep down in me, deliverance comes from wounds, o noble surrender!

Jesus’ bride, at the school of Mary, is so present. It is in her gaze and in her heart that she finds what she needs to remain standing. With her, she is crucified, and the world is crucified for her. Why did he crucify the Lord of Glory?

’But what shall we say, my friend; is it not you who acts? O my ending and my all, my days are in your hand, but you know, and how much so, how I hate these nails! Forgive all wounds and remain my help, burning me in return, with your suave bite.’ ’I hate these nails.’

We cannot adhere to the horror of those who make the innocent one suffer, and even more so the cruelty of the sorrow done to the innocent one. Yet Jesus offered freely his life : ’My life, no one takes it but it is I who give it!’

’But what are you saying my friend ; Is it not you who act? To recognise that it is God who acts ’behind’ this agony is a great grace. I believe we must ask it.

’Evil believes it possesses its prey, but hope as a spear pierces heaven deep down in me, deliverance comes from wounds, o noble surrender!’

The only way out is indeed surrender, the only comfort to rush into the Heart of Jesus and Mary. But all arms are in vain, when in faith flow forth tears of forgiveness. It really is Jesus who overcame this great combat, the few battles to go through are a grace coming from the One who wants to unite us to Mary, she who was so close to Him and to the world.

Love will soon awaken me and I shall at last be all His.

“Like a seal he will set me on his heart, delivered and delighted, as he sees fit.” This is how the greatest Love is lived out, the Love of God, in Jesus who makes Himself felt so near, love of humanity, which He wants to be so beautiful. ’Yes, the Lord is my dwelling place, wherever He is I am also, next to my labouring brothers, as long as the world has not accomplished its long ascension.’

’I accomplish in my flesh what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for his Body the Church.’ We all know that nothing is lacking to Jesus’ Passion, but in an overflowing Love Jesus wanted to associate Mary to it. What a grace for Mary’s little daughter, to follow it on this way! As Mary was in the darkest night ever, so is her little servant of Jesus. Their proposition is to follow them on this rugged path. Jesus’ little bride will not be without aid :’ Woman, behold your Son, John, behold your Mother.’ The disciple Jesus loved, Mary’s beloved priest, will be there to sustain her. Such a great mystery for today.