Marie-Jeanne and simplicity Marie-Jeanne et la simplicité

Sunday 14 February 2016

4. Marie-Jeanne and Simplicity

Marie-Jeanne has really discovered who Jesus is. He really has become ’Someone’ for her. Today Marie-Jeanne goes to mass every day. After each mass she comes into the sacristy for a final contact, a final prayer. So Marie-Jeanne says ’When I see you, I see Jesus.’ She says that with much seriousness and would be very disturbed if people started reasoning with her too much. Marie-Jeanne knows Jesus from within. He is linked to her life.

“When I see you, I see Jesus.” In her life that is so hard, she constantly calls out to Him. When we pray Mary with her, her little face lights up and at that moment we enter into the secret of her heart, that is, into silence.

It is very enlightening to be a witness to the path Marie-Jeanne has travelled. In her poverty which is great, she has let herself be enlightened by God Himself. The practice the Sacraments of the Church has gradually transformed her. Someone, in an invisible way, took charge of instructing her. Marie-Jeanne has gone into herself, as it were. In a heart to heart with Jesus in his Eucharist, helped by listening to the Living Word of God, the Holy Spirit has spoken to her heart.

Indeed, in her very great poverty, she has let herself be enlightened by God Himself. Everything was deepened within her. There is always a deep echo in her when we speak to her of Mary, Jesus’ Mummy. If we evoke Jesus’ sufferings, Marie-Jeanne understands. She herself has suffered a great deal. The Divine Persons have gradually revealed themselves to her.