Mary and contemplation

Saturday 20 February 2016

Mary and contemplation

Mary is a woman, bearer of Down’s Syndrome. She has a big smile. When I meet her, I pronounce her name with great gentleness, seeing how delicate her being is. With one of the brightest smiles that lights up her whole face, Mary holds her breath and then she says my name with an ever- renewed depth.

She reacts in a surprising way to the Mystery that has come to us. First of all, she stares at me with her lovely blue eyes, and in her gaze I can see a boundless confidence. She follows everything with great intensity and her reply of ’Yes’ is one of the rare words she pronounces. And so she says with great insistence : ’Yes!’

’Nothing is impossible for God’, the Angel said to Mary!

This woman, bearer of Down’s Syndrome, reveals great innocence and she is a reflection of the beauty of God’s grace in his poor. What a mystery, this human flesh living of the Spirit, transpiring Love, welcoming another.

"Yes’! ’Nothing is impossible for God’ said the Angel to Mary.

In her disability and handicap, in her great poverty, Mary is at the same time welcoming others, a waiting for others and is at the same time an expression of a heart full of Love that asks for nothing but to be spread out. Mary expresses this mystery of our human nature without her even knowing so.