Mary’s Compassion for her people La compassion de Marie pour son peuple

Thursday 18 February 2016

Mary’s Compassion for her people

Each one’s path is taken into the Heart of Mary. John is the first witness of this. When Jesus gives John to Mary, he is having compassion on his mother who remains alone and in doing this he opens up a space for the new people who is going to live from his Love. Mary will be a mother. She already accompanies the crucified one with Jesus, having compassion on him, whereas Jesus was already dead.

With the Apostle John, the good thief can find his a place in his heart that has become wider because of suffering. In her suffering as a mother she has given her child Jesus. Jesus’ passion for humanity carries on in the heart of his mother. Mary’s pain is in proportion to the Love which is infinite in her.

John in his Gospel noted Jesu’s cry which affects us deeply : ’I thirst’. He also noted this violence which is so shocking : ’the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first man who had been crucified with him and then of the other.’ A distinction is made for the two crucified men, for every suffering is something personal and unique.

The overabundant source of love flowing forth from the Cross of Jesus. Mary at the foot of the Cross is living compassion. Jesus’ Passion of Love for humanity is also in her. This Passion of Love is very real and present. She can do nothing for the two thieves, except be there standing, present to this terrible suffering. David had already said : ’My son Absalon, if only I had died in your place!’

Jesus’ suffering bursts into her heat and is very real, even more due to the fact that she love him and he is her whole life. Jesus is her son, she is his mother. It is her people who reject him, and it is her brothers wo condemn him. She is an open wound, since in humanity she is in solidarity and in religion with the disaster being carried out before her very eyes and in her heart.

This Passion of Love of Jesus for humanity is also for herself.when Jesus gives John to Mary, he has compassion on his mother and he opens up a space for the new people who is going to live of his Love. She will be their mother. This is why she will be able to accompany this crucified man with Jesu, having compassion for him, whereas Jesus will have died.

With the apostle John this man will be able to find a place in her heart that is widened to the dimensions of humanity. In her suffering as a mother who has given her child, who has given everything she has, an infinite space has been

created. The Passion of Jesus for this humanity is carried on in her heart of a mother. Each one of us can have compassion on the one whose pain is so great because Love in her was Infinite.

Each one’s path is taken up in Mary’s heart. John bears witness to this.We know how Golgotha is still going on in humanity. ’Paschal said : ’Christ is in agony until the end of the world.’ The life of all the poor, the crucified in the whole world is contained in Mary’s heart. She is our guide allowing us to enter more deeply into the deep solitude and suffering of mankind. With Jesus, we need to enter into compassion.