Mary, the way of a new community Marie, chemin d’une communauté nouvelle

Friday 19 February 2016

Mary, the way of a new community

The new Community is Christ’s Body, saved by God’s infinite Love, by the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. In this New Love the Church takes on life. It is moved by the Holy Spirit who is given to her.Within this Body each person finds a new identity. Mary is the first person to be introduced into this mystery. Through her Son Jesus, she wants to get me to penetrate in my turn into this dwelling place. In contemplating this, I know I have been chosen. And I choose to enter into this secret of Love of the Father. In the mot secret part of my heart, the invisible Christ who is always alive, is there present. I can contemplate this mystery of boundless Love which is revealed to me like t ’Who is my mother, who are my sisters and brothers? t is those who do the Will of my Father ’says Jesus. Mary is the first one who takes the path which opens up for us this mysterious door of the dwelling place of God.

Mary is a part of this new Creation.

She is the mother of the new Adam who saves, and in whom this new humanity takes on a body. New creation finds her life rooted in the Divine Child Jesus. Mary is at the heart of this struggle, the woman crowned with stars, the woman faced with the antique serpent, this dragon getting ready to devour the child to be born. Lead into the desert, here, she is protected. This is why all the disinherited of the world take refuge in her.

Mary participates in the sanctification of the world through Jesus her Son. Everything in Mary is burned up in the Fire of this New Love. All that remains in her is a Yes, a total yes that is irreversible. By grace, I can become her child and find a new identity once again. The Merciful One recognises his child in each poor person. Mary knows the Power of God’s Salvation, of her Son the Saviour. To the one who turns his face to her, she turns him into someone innocent. The grace of becoming a child of God is given to us by the mystery of the Cross and of the Resurrection of Jesus. I can enter into thanksgiving, and participate in his mystery. It is the new People of God. The Body of Christ, who out of Love, lets himself be contained in the woman’s womb, ’the Only Son who is in the Father’s womb’ is the one who contains everything.