May your Voice be a Word in me and may your Word become silence. Que ta Voix se fasse Parole en moi et que ta parole devienne silence

Saturday 20 February 2016

May your Voice be a Word in me and may your Word become silence.

Your Word, Jesus , is Living, it vivifies, it heals me in the most intimate part of my wounded heart. It wounds it once more for it has closed up again! Come back; Risen Lord, come and dwell in our ways, come again to each one of us. May your Voice become a Word in me and may your Word become silence in all this inner turmoil. May your Divine heart speak to me again about the secrets of the King.

So will my heart let go

And in Jesus will it embrace

To die of oneself is to at last live

Of love that nothing can retain.

You have no fear, Jesus, to come to fetch me in the icy cold night.

You have taken upon you this frozen log onto your heart where it finds Joy, letting itself be devoured it finds all its joy, nourished from your Presence.

I come back to life thanks to your Love, your heart all aflame transforms my sleeping heart. Attach me against you, o Jesus, give me your Holy Spirit so that it has me pray, so that you can burn this veil of discordance, so that I may feel your triumphant Love vibrate in me at each moment. My gaze will change and in each one I come across I shall find your heart again, there is no more hell in the furnace of Fair Love. The wounds of Love are delightful, they become Eucharist, this is my Body given up for you, this is my Blood, my life given up for you. Your Words have become my own, I deliver myself to you, Jesus, I consecrate myself to you, you are my life.

There is no more rigour any more

Nor lacks, nor cowardice, or unruly feeling, flesh remains savourless

But a flame has penetrated

In the deepest part of my dwelling

In the most secret part of my palace.

Tongue of fire, come and bring back to life

My desire buried for too long

Come and strengthen my liberty

To be in you just one spirit

And if my eyes remain blinded

May my heart be radiant

So as from this moment forth

To live the eternal kiss in Jesus Christ.

O Jesus, these words are easier to write than to say, I lose myself and forget myself at the sound of your voice. O my gardener, your words are all seeds of flowers and of fruits sown in me. So come again! Come into your garden, penetrate in those most secret places, Mary’s little daughter is resting, come and rest in her, she is completely kept for you. As on Easter morning, your Presence raises me up, and your touch of Love raises me up always higher ,in my desire that aspires only to see your face. O my Jesus, come back, and make your living source of water trickle, it is all burning with divine love on earth, it is the flesh of your flesh so thirsty for you, and of your light shining deep in peoples’ eyes. My reason for living is to become your Presence shining forth, it is my offering of Love in Mary’s arms. How your words, Jesus make me crackle! I am like the log taken out of the snow-laden forest. At your feet, each drop of syllable, as beautiful as perfumed oil, brings forth sparks that slide into your heart only to be drowned in the furnace of your heart, the home of Fair Love.

O why, noble bird

Why behind your wings

Do you close up Heaven?

The earth is nothing but a

An agitated sea,

Pitiless, sorrowless

For all its pilgrims

Seeking where to stay

And I in my prayer

Exhausted, empty,

I wanted it to bear

Sincere praises

But I am only a cry

And my fruit is only ruin

Only thorns remain

In my friends’ eyes

So as to be consumed I remain suspended in the marvellous souvenirs of my God! Take, O Jesus, this wet ash, thirsty for the Gift of you, come and shape me in it, in the hollow of your hands that regenerates all things, and I shall become love. What a marvellous exchange in the secret place of prayer! The earth is filled with heaven and out of the womb of the night Emmanuel germinates. It is the time of silence, necessary for the kiss. To be welcome and all offering, to the receptacle of the Bread of Life and crib of the sheep fold. ’May the starving man draw near, may the man of desire lean over’ and receive freely Love that let itself be wrapped up.Like, him, o Jesus come and surround me so that I may be faithful right to the end, right to the Light of the Cross and again, even beyond this. I want to be all yours, O my Jesus, as at the moment of the Incarnation of the bridegroom, with Mary, in the joy of the Holy Spirit.