Monday 26th week Lundi 26e semaine

’The least among you is the one who is the greatest.’
Tuesday 19 July 2016

Jb.1,6-22 Ps.16 Lk.9,46-50

Monday of 26th week, even numbered year “An argument started among them about which of them was the greatest.”

Jesus reveals to his disciples that they are called to serve, that they are not to be in a position of domination amongst themselves.

The only absolute value of Love is that we show more and more respect towards one another.

Jesus transforms us for himself for God’s Kingdom. It is the power of the Holy Spirit who is active in each person!

In the Kingdom of God greatness is judged by the capacity to serve one another. The small one amongst us is great when he serves the greatest.

The Good News of Salvation passes by our interactions with others. Jesus helps his disciples to get out of their preoccupations , their questions and difficulties that preoccupy them. The adversary provokes in us a war of nerves when he has us look at who is the greatest!

Jesus has us enter into a new confidence, to look at the child drowsing within us.

This is the movement of adoration, or placing ourselves into the hands of our Heavenly Father who awakens the child of God within us and who must take the first place.

“But Jesus, knowing what thoughts were going through heir minds, took a little child whom he set by his side and then said to them’ Anyone who welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and anyone who welcomes me, welcomes the one who sent me.. The least among you all is the one who is the greatest.”

By taking a child in his arms, Jesus reveals to us the joy of filiation with his Father. Being close to the Father he is in the mystery of childhood, of confidence. Jesus remains in the Love of his Father who gives Him life.

This Divine Love is the Holy Spirit, in his humanity he gives him all his Divine Love. Jesus , child of the Father, is Mary’s son. There is a connivance between Jesus’ heart and the heart of a child. Just in the same way Jesus is at ease with his Father, he is at ease with the child. The child in the Gospel is not afraid when Jesus takes him in his arms and places him at his side. We always keep the confidence of a child and he feels very well this mystery of confidence and gives it back.

In all our encounters there are perspectives of depth, to be acquired so as to enter into relationship in abetter way with other people. Jesus, in helping me become closer to him makes my relationship with the Father grow.

“John, one of the Twelve, spoke up. ’Master ’he said, ’we saw someone driving out devils in your name, and because he is not with us we tried to stop him. But Jesus said to him ’ You must not stop him; anyone who is not against you is for you.”

Our relationship with God our Father and the relationship with our sisters and brothers builds our future. Out of the Love of God our Father we become ourselves and enter into a world that is close to God’s Mystery. It is given to us to grow in faith, to become who we are and to find our path. We are the beloved child of the Father, in Him questions about who is the greatest is not at all important! Nothing can harm the child of the Father, saved by the Jesus’ Blood in us. We have become like the apple of the Father’s eye. If we depend on him we enter into a movement of liberation. Jesus wants us to remain into his communion of love. He has saved us, we have no need to worry. This requires of us to welcome our Heavenly Father at each moment. We need to welcome Mary our mother and this will help us.

The beloved child of the Father knows very well that everything comes to him from the Heavenly Father and that it is always good.

Let us ask for this humility and gentleness This is a permanent act of faith in God who envelops us with his tenderness, the solicitude of his Love for us.

He gives us everything, He doesn’t want to take anything back, he just wants us to simply remain in the Love He has given us, that we don’t grab hold of anything that comes from Him, but that we give thanks for all that we are and for all he gives us. ’In the evening of our life we shall be examined on Love.’

We ask for the grace to commend all things to Jesus.