Monday of 13th week Lundi de la 13 e semaine

“The Son of man as nowhere to lay his head.”
Sunday 10 April 2016

Am.2,6..13 Ps.49 Mt.8,18-22

Monday of 13th Week, even numbered year

“When Jesus saw the crowd all about him he gave orders to leave for the other side.”

A big crowd gathered together around Jesus to listen to his Words, and so that their ills would be healed. They are seeking Salvation and a breath of Life in the agitation of the world.

’Jesus gave the go to the other side. The Son of man has nowhere to lay his head. ’Such h is reality.

Jesus gives us the penitence to remain within us, our heart is his home, his dwelling place is in our lives. This is where he is going to find shelter.

We do indeed need to the passage from this world into the Kingdom of God’s Love, Easter. Crowds of people, we are put out to follow Jesus, pass over to the other side.his other side means God’s Love for his children, -they are so tenderly loved by Him.

Our Christian vocation is to pass from this world to the Father, to bring about a new step in our lives. The Paschal mystery is given to us so as to bring this passage into operation. We feed ourselves on the Body and Blood of Jesus who takes us onto the side of welcome and love in order that our life be in Him.The other side is there where charity is, the place of God’s Infinite Love, the place of a communion of Love. We are blessed in being called to share, in our small way, in the immense poverty of this Great God. We cultivate the spirit of surrender, shivering with joy, with they very Joy of God.

“One of the scribes then came up and aid to him ’Master, I will follow you whoever you go’. Jesus answered him ’Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.”

We need to be able to know how to renounce all that links us to a life that is too materialistic, and which closes the doors to the Holy Spirit.

Jesu, who took on flesh from the Virgin Mary his mother, in this crazy love of the Holy Spirit, manifests in human flesh the Love of the Father.n of man doesn’t have a place to rest his head when his Love isn’t welcomed.

He came to his own and his own people did not receive him."!

God’s Infinite Love refused to end with Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. This really is Jesus’ great poverty! He is our wealth, we know that He is at home in us.

The Son of man, Lord of Heaven and of earth, he who possesses all things, is begging for the heart of his little creature! This what makes his poverty so rich and splendid for he chooses to act in poverty on purpose. He chooses this poverty out of Love foe us, with the intention of enriching us.

“Another man, one of the disciples, said to him ’Lord, let me go and bury my father first.’ But Jesus said ’Follow me, and leave the dead to bury the dead.”

The world keeps on burying its dead , keeps on running around here , there and everywhere following its own ideas, without referring to what God’s kingdom proposes!

We can fall into the trap of human traditions to fill our heart with false ’gods’, that are unable to give meaning to our lives. This is what happens to many people in the world. They get caught up in a whirlwind of habits, and if we’re not careful, something similar may happen to ourselves. And yet we are all in need of having our heart be filled by His Love and true wealth, such as knowledge of Jesus’ love, and a life of friendship with Him.

Throughout all these different stages humanity goes through, the unconditional Love of God for us is a constant revealtion.To be close to one another as God has made Himself close to each one of us.

The more humanity moves ahead, the huger the combat.

We live out this new Love in the respect of what we are : that is, called to Eternal Life.

To follow Jesus is to follow Him in the combat for Life!

We ask for the grace to enter into this absolutely crazy love, a real challenge for humanity.