Monday of 19th week Lundi de la 19e semaine,

“As Jesus and the disciples were gathered in Galilee, he told them, ’The Son of man will be given up to the hands of men.”
Tuesday 31 May 2016

Ez.1,2-24 Ps.148 Mt.17,22-27

Monday of 19th week, even numbered year

“The Son of man will be given up into the hands of men; they will kill him and on the third day He will rise again.” And they were deeply saddened."

The gentleness in Jesus is far greater than his enemies’ violence. All he wants to do is to do his Father’s will by loving all those God his Father gives Him.

Jesus keeps on teaching his disciples, he teaches them how to live as a child of God in society. He himself, Son of God and Son of man, accepts everything imposed on human life apart from sin. However God’s ways are not man’s ways, the liar has usurped power, so as to put humanity in servitude.

The message of Jesus being given up is terrible for his disciples : He is going to be ’delivered’ ’they will kill him’. It is through the betrayal of one of his own that he will be ’sold’ to the adverse one, but the gift of His Life for His People will reintroduce us into a new order which will allow the children of men to be freed!

Jesus saves us by his obedience to all legitimate authorities by saying again how all power comes from God. It is in his Resurrection that we understand how we have truly been feed from all slavery.

One has to have been condemned oneself, for no other reason than for having accomplished the message of Love that has been announced, in order to enter into the feelings in Jesus’ Heart. Humanly speaking it is unbearable, for straight away we cry out ’injustice’! In the Heart of Jesus, there is no manifestation of aggression, on the contrary, Jesus is going to show, by his inner freedom, all the Beauty and Greatness of his Love.

"As they came to CaphernaumJesus is going to co operate with the authority that has been put into place and with their justice. It is by his obedience that He saves us once again. Jesus doesn’t have to pay any taxes but he pays it knowingly by thinking about his people. He has no wish of feeding his enemies’ hatred. He tries to save some of them, at all cost!

Following Jesus, we ask God all the time to give us a spirit of discernment, we don’t give up worldly obligations we want to do ’our obligations’ in view of "contributing to the ’needs ’of others.

In the Father’s house no one needs to pay taxes! The adoption of God’s children is the redemption of the whole body of the Church, as an adopted son of God, that we shall see the eternal goods face to face : ’Abba Father."

3Jesus asks us ’to avoid to be for others an occasion to fall’! At his Passion we shall be scandalised seeing him so wounded, but we shall then understand the beauty and greatness of his Love!

By his living and lively Word, Jesus has prepared us to remain standing :

’On the third day, he will rise again.’

This is how Jesus tell us how we are going to be dispersed behind him, the condemned man, and how we are going to come back to him altogether, in one same faith!

As the Saviour walked humbly on this earth, the same will go for us as we walk towards the Kingdom.

Easter is the Passage we make by his Living Word, and it permits us to be well situated in this crucified world, as in the Kingdom where from now on we are artisans of Peace.

Our adoption will be perfect when we shall be admitted to see God’s Face.

In belonging to humanity Jesus will follow the rules of the world which is going to crucify him.

We ask for the grace of humility so as to remain in all circumstances in the Holy Spirit.