Monday of 4th week, uneven year Lundi de la 4e semaine, année impaire

“Go home to your people and tell them all that the Lord in his mercy has done for you.”
Tuesday 29 November 2016

He.11,32-40 Ps;30 Mk.5,1-20

Monday of 4th week uneven numbered year

“They reached the territory of the Gerasenes on the other side of the lake, and when he disembarked, a man with an unclean spirit at once came out from the tombs before him.The man lived in the tombs and no-one could secure him anymore, even with a chain, because he had often been secured with fetters and chains but had snapped the chains and broken the fetters, and no one had the strength to contain him.”   Jesus and his disciples go over to the other side of the lake into a pagan region. Faith tells us that our God is our Creature and he is good, without any shadow of evil, every creature created by him is someone good. But a mystery of obscurity comes along. Evil doesn’t come from the source of human beings, it isn’t at the origin of their life. Evil comes from a created freedom, from a freedom that ha been bdly used. Obscure, evil is not something logical.  Jesus is there before a humanity in rags, all over the place. In a mysterious way we find what many of our contemporaries suffer from : ’I was like a puzzle whose pieces were spread all over the ground, bit by bit the pieces came together and I found mu unity.’ This is the testimony of a young person! Here we have like the extreme part of human suffering which is at work in the life of a young person. The ’mystery of iniquity as St. Paul calls it. All that can be inflicted upon humanity through nastiness, the perfidious liar, is something unbearable! Jesus, the Saviour of the world, came to set us free.   All night and all day, among the tombs and in the mountains, he would howl and gash himself with stones. Catching sight of Jesus from distance, he ran up and fell at his feet and shouted at the top of his voice, ’What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? In God’s name, do not torture me!’ For Jesus had been saying to him ’Come out of the man, unclean spirit!’ Then he asked ’What is your name?’ He answered’ My name is Legion, for there are many of us."  We can’t deny how powerful evil is in the heart of mankind. This evil comes from an overflowing source. God is stronger with his Light, humanity can be healed. God has indeed introduced into the world his healing love, he has come into history as a human person, this man who suffers will be healed. This dissolution of personality, the inner bursting forth of this poor man speaks very well of his suffering : ’I adjure to you, don’t make me suffer!’ This man shouts out his life as so many do many people today in psychiatric hospitals or in places far from anywhere who are being tortured! Jesus faces up to the enemy of human nature, He comes to give us Peace. The Crucified and Risen Lord Jesus, the New Adam, opposes the polluted river of evil with a river of light. And this river is present in history, the river of light who comes form Christ is present and is powerful. "The men looking after them ran off and told their story in the city and in the country round about ; and the people came to ee what had really happened. They came to Jesus and saw the demoniac sitting there –the man who had had the legion in him- properly dressed and in his full senses, and they were afraid. And those who had witnessed it reported what had happened to the demoniac and what had become of the pigs. Then they began to implore Jesus to leave their neighbourhood. As he was getting into the boat, the man who had been possessed begged to be allowed to stay with him. Jesus would not let him but said to him’ Go home to your people and tell them all that the Lord in is Mercy has done for yu." This Gospel shows how much the suffering of humanity that forms a body with ill at ease, the pain that takes hold of it : ’If only you knew how ugly I am! Can I tell you how far my misery goes? Can you hear it?’ This is what many young people say. This suffering is spread out throughout the world, it is the cup of curses that Jesus will absorb in his agony and Passion! God, in Jesus, will make a cup of blessings rise up from it : the Blood of Chrsit that purifies us and pacifies us. Today it is the celebration of the Eucharist that ends up on the altar carries all the suffering in the world. With Jesus, in Him and in Him allows the Light of the Risen Christ which will make us receive Peace.

We ask for the grace to be freed and to remain in Jesus.  (’And he begged them earnestly not to send them out of the district. Now on the mountainside there was a great herd of pigs feeding, and the unclean spirits begged him ’Send us to the pigs, let us go into them.’ So he gave the leave. With that, the unclean spirits came out and went into the pigs, and the herd of about two thousand charged down the cliff into the lake, and three they were drowned.")