Monday of 5th Week Lundi de la 5e semaine

“And wherever Jesus went, they laid down the sick in open spaces, begging him to let them touch even the fringe of his cloak. And all those who touched him were saved.”
Wednesday 4 November 2015

Gn. 1, 1-19, Ps. 103 Mk. 6, 53-56

Monday of 5th week, uneven

“Having made the crossing they came to land at Gennesarat and moored there. When they disembarked people at once recognized Jesus.”

Jesus awakens us to live fully out our lives and to thank God for his marvels.In the great movement of life received right from the origins of life, Jesus manifests to us that we have the possibility to look at each other, to listen to each other and to take time to contemplate the marvels of God! Take time to live what is given to us -not out of habit, but so as to be able to get out of our whirlwind of daily life. It is impressive to contemplate all the variety of gifts given to us : the variety of flowers, birds, fish…

It is the poor and the little ones who enter first in to the Kingdom of God: “The sick begged Jesus even to let them touch even the fringes of his cloak.And all those who touched him were saved.” How happy we are to know that Jesus brings to the world a whole new way of seeing things, like after a revolution. God is the friend of the poor and little ones, of the sick and of sinners. Those who understood that Jesus was truly the friend of the poor and little ones said to themselves : “If I touch the fringe of his cloak, I shall be saved”, and this is what occurred. The priestly minister does the same gestures as Christ Himself did. The Son of God came “to bury himself in us” so that we become a new creature, a holy person.

“People ran from all regions and began to transport the sick on stretches to wherever they heard he was.” Everyone feels recognized and loved in the shining light of Jesus.At the heart of creation“man and woman” there is is the most wonderful reality that God has made all this marvelous universe with its contents for humanity! We can enter into thanksgiving. David had said :“I live in a house of cypress and God in a tent” Salomon built the temple of Jerusalem to shelter the ark of the Covenant that contained the tablets of the Law. Salomon said : “I built for you, Lord, a place where you will dwell for ever more.” However, there is the beauty of the greatness of the Temple, but all the unfortunate people of the gospel don’t have any access to the Temple because of their infirmities. When we have gone through trials and have known what it is to have been lacking, we are more present to creation and to each other , and to what is essential! The danger is that we get used to reality taking it as something that is owed to us. We forget to see reality as it is offered to us : quite simply, a gift. We wish to give thanks to God for this reality which is given to us.

“Wherever Jesus went, to village or town or farm, they laid down the sick in the open spaces, begging him to let them touch even the fringe of his cloak.and all those who touched him were saved.” We ask for the grace to find once again this Strength of God that saves us in Jesus and to contemplate it in Him.Today, Jesus gives us His Body and Blood so that we may have Life. We can recognize even the hardest moments of our existence as being very precious , since they place us before the reality of the Infinite Love given to us. God who created the whole universe for us, healing us, places us at the heart of creation which is such a marvelous reality! We give thanks to God Our Creator. We give thanks to Jesus also, who manifests this to us. We never stop being grateful for all the marvelous realities given to us by God. In her little house of Nazareth, Mary welcomed the Mystery of the revelation of God which will be accomplished for us. The obscure and luminous cloud which prefigures the Holy Spirit, already bore light on this Secret. The Ark of the Covenant announced the Mystery of the woman’s fidelity. Jesus will have us known that from now on the Temple is His Body. We know that we are the temple of God. The human person, nourrished from the Eucharist, has become a presence of God.

We ask God for the grace to recognize how marvelous is the life that we have received from Him.