O my lover, my all, it is your Love that has concieved me O mon amant, mon absolu; C’est ton Amour qui m’a conçu

Thursday 25 February 2016

O my lover, my absolute ; it is your love that conceived me

O my lover, my absolute, it is Your Love that conceived me.

See, in your Heaven I plunge myself in your gaze that moulds me

If you knew, my fiancée, my soul became a liquid in you

Dwell in me

We shall bear fruits that will be born from us.

What a joy for the beloved to have this conscience of the Beloved in her heart.

’It is your Love that conceived me.’

Jesus, here I am from now on an Offering of Love and of peace

Under the veil of hope

Embrace me in silence to remain like Mary

Happy with the gift of my life

It is all yours

as He is all hers My hope, my joy,

’My eternal Reality’.

He is her life. He gave all things to her. She can now fill herself with the fruit of her Love. How happy she is at the sound of his approaching step! The Holy Spirit, the Holy Love is given to him, but in the night how many delight of Love are born in desire. She knows from now on she can give him everything! Everything will be received in the Tenderness of the Unique One. This gift is the Glory of the Father. The Source of Holy Love is glorified, when her love spreads out in all the being of her beloved.

Now, only Love remains, it wants to take everything from her loved one, she knows now and this is all her joy

it is perfect, no one can take it away from her.

The premises of love are already given to her. She surrenders from now on to his heart.The wounded heart of the beloved secretes such a delightful love. It is a sorrow that no one else can reach now, a suffering to which no one can

compare, a wound of love which makes me insensitive to all agitation, as brusque as it may be.

’See, in your Heaven I surrender’ And nothing else can heal this lesion which my desire keeps opening up even more.

But if patience is a proof of love, I am ready to wait as long as Heaven dwells in me completely so as to be all transformed in love, nothing but for you my Friend and my Bridegroom.

But it is night! Shadows turn around me and my heart is all confused!

It is Jesus in his Coming,

and Mary who receives this gift,

who is the only light

in this night.

It is out of a marvellous Canticle that light bursts forth! Its opening is the measure that opens up the Way. The Love of the Father and the Son is henceforth spread out, and in the night of faith, union is there, marvellous, ever expectant.

When Jesus kisses the little children, it really is an outpouring of his heart. The shadow now withdraws, only the gesture of Love remains, which deceives not the loved one.

Jesus, come at Christmas, fulfils Mary,

her passage is the one of the Bridegroom who now regenerates the beloved by making her humanity virginal. Her embrace of Love will be the fire that enflames everything.

I am not worthy, said the centurion.

Mary knows,

nothing is impossible for God.

This hidden way is a secret of Love. As the perfume remains sealed, so is the heart of her bride. The secret will open up into heaven, the place of Holy Love.

’In his gaze that moulds me’ Thirst echoes, the accuser too! My heart beats ..and scruples are on the look out for me from all sides

Your Love alone is my light now.

’Without any other light other than Love beating in my heart’ the inspired poet also would say.

Joy, the Word remains, only Light on this narrow path

It is a vital aid, coming to help.

Light in the darkness, for it is dark, the night of faith. In this, God is so great, his Love invades everything, and especially the darkness, for Light shines in darkness, and nothing can go against it. God is greater than our heart, who could condemn it? Only Light and Love that takes defence in the beloved. Love is King, we must say this and constantly repeat

’Come, Lord Jesus.’

Whatever the way, come and heal this heart wounded by your Love. In my timorous folly, I come to you. The first Covenant already recounts this to be a marvellous thing, it is at the feet of the loved one who turns into a waiting. A waiting that God loves for here is where his desire of Love is!

’If you knew, my fiancée! My Love has regenerated everything, your temerity may be folly, unable to fulfil me! Like Mary at my feet, you now are. Your perfume exhales such a good smell, it is that of faith, which will grow again, a t every touch of love. Yes , all I have to exhale my love is the perfume of my faith, its price, you will say on the day of the encounter when at last our union will be celebrated. In the meantime, a marvellous time of preparation, a time of ordeal and a time of comfort! You want me to be so beautiful, so adapted to your love. The time given to me before our encounter, will give off more perfume to my love. It will be concentrated in truer charity. Now it is an even purer adjustment, ever regenerated by the Divine Eucharist. This time now brings us even closer. It is in hope that I am fortified. Already the link of Love is always given. Keep me, Friend, as long as darkness lasts and you, my friend, come to my help. Jesus has you love me, do not tarry, the night is long and the ordeal goes on.Be my protector and so much more, you know how to be. Jesus, I have heard your cry, I thirst.