Our Blessed Lady, Mediator 31st August La Sainte Vierge Médiatrice le 31 août

It is a joy to let God’s grace pass through our poverty!
Monday 14 December 2015

Ac.1,12-14 Jud.13 Jn.19,25-27

Our Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediator of All Graces

31 st August

What a joy it is to be united to Christians in Belgium to celebrate the feast of Mary Mediator of All Graces. We have no hesitation in saying that we receive the gift of God through others. We also say that the poorest brothers amongst us are privileged ’channels’ through which God’s graces come to us. It is a daily , concrete experience we have of the mediation of God’s Love. We have the experience of God, the Giver of graces, and the poor sinners we are. The poor have a privileged role here but by their very poverty, they are like mediators, divine means through which God’s graces reach us.

And so each day we celebrate and experiment this feast day of Our Lady, for she is always there, ready to intercede for her children. We also have the experience of how, if we refuse these little means through which God’s grace is offered to us, then we cut ourselves off from the grace of God. This feast reveals to us another experience in daily life. Let us imagine that we have a brother, so overflowing with love for us that he ’smothers’ us. Does this love come from God? We don’t really know. What we do know is that there is something that bothers us in this ’annoying envelope’ and what we are ready to receive. We have the experience that this ’other person’ can annoy us in his love.

Psychologists will speak about ’capturing’ in order to be attached to another person. This places us before the source of Love and the purity of this Source.

Thus we come to an understanding of God’s humility

God is such a strong Love, so big and powerful that we can take the image of the sun- and we are like a little drop of water- ! If this little drop of water gets close to the sun it sizzles and disappears, unless it is capable to withstand the Sun and live.

The humility of God goes as far as adapting the gift of his Love and giving it in proportion to what we are able to receive through mediation.

The poor are always very humble in the way they propose this love that comes from the Heart of God. All of these mediations find their origin in the One True Mediator : Jesus. Everything comes from God through Jesus.

In her Wisdom, the Church passes all the prayers made to the Father through Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Spirit.

In His Merciful Goodness, God comes to join us in our misery. He wanted nature to co-operate, that his creatures co-operate with the gift of His Love. When God wants to fill us with His graces, he wants us to ask Him. This is called the prayer of petition. He never gives us His graces without us having asked for it. Every prayer of petition in the Church makes us ready to receive the gift of God. This gift of God is overflowing in us. Each time we ask for our daily bread, for the joy we need to live, we are getting ready to receive God’s grace.

In his Mercy, God wants his grace to reach us, in proportion to what we are able to receive.

It is grace that prepares us to receive all of his graces. We understand the feast we celebrate today in the Church : Mary, mediator of all graces is Immaculate. She remains at the Source, this is her privilege obtained by Jesus’ Passion. Being always at the Source, being also one of us, she is in solidarity with humanity, with each one of us. She gives Jesus to us, and He is the unique Mediator. Many mediations are contained within this unique Mediator.

In His Mercy and Tenderness, God thought it right to come to us and we give Him thanks. Let us ask to be gentle and humble of heart and to know how to use the divine means He gives us. We ask for the humility to recognise this generosity from God, He who lets grace pass through our hearts for all those He wishes to reach.