Our Lady of Sorrows- 15 septembre Notre dames des Douleurs-15 septembre

“Jesus, seeing his mother and his disciple whom he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother : ’Woman, this is your son.”
Tuesday 15 September 2015

He. 5, 7-9 Ps. 30 Jn. 19, 25-27

Our Lady of Sorrows 15th September

“Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clophas, and Mary of Magdala.”

After having celebrated the feast of the Glorious Cross of Jesus, today we have the feast of Mary , woman of sorrows. If Jesus saves us by his Passion, Mary participates in the salvation of humanity with Jesus, by his Compassion. What must stimulate the faithful even more to follow the examples of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary is the fact that Jesus, in giving her to us as a Mother, presented her to us in a tacit way as a model we are to follow ; it is indeed natural that children have the same feelings as their mothers and that they reflect the same merits and virtues. Jesus in his Passion opens up for us a way of salvation. By his immense love he conquered death, going to the end of hatred, taking upon himself all sicknesses.By celebrating Mary, Our Lady of Seven Sorrows,we come to the understanding that she participates in Jesus’ sufferings for the salvation of the world. Jesus in his great love gave the gift of his mother to his disciple, to the Church and to humanity. The presence of Mary in the Church is the welcome of the gift that Jesus made on the Cross. Mary accomplishes the ultimate will of Jesus, in the coherence of the yes of the Annunciation, now she says yes to the word of Jesus’ This is your son’ and accomplishes the maternal task of watching over the disciples, and in order to accompay this task she recieves the necessary grace. Pope Paul VI explained how Mary is gift from Jesus to his disciple. “God loved Mary for herself and loved her also for us. Jesus gave herself to Him and also He gave her to us. The gift of Mary belongs to Jesus’ testament and is tied up to the paschal mystery.”

“Jesus, seeing his mother and the disciples whom he loved standing near her, said to his mother,’ Woman ,this is your son.” Then to the disciple, he said, ’This is your mother.“And from that hour the disciples took her into his home.”

We can say that if Mary’s maternity towards mankind had already been announced beforehand, it is now cleary established and very precise : ’It comes from the full accomplishment of the paschal mystery of the Redeemer.

the Mother of Christ, directly in the centre in the shining forth of this mystery which mankind is a part of (each and everyone of us), is given to us. She is given to each and everyone of us as a Mother. The man who is present at the foot of the cross is John, ’the disciple whom he loved’. However, it doesn’t just concern him. According to Tradition, thye Church doesn’t hesitate to call Mary ’Mother of Christ and Mother of mankind.’ : indeed, she is ’as a descendant from Adam, reunited to the whole of humanity…’ Even better, she is really ’Mother of the members of Christ.;having co operated by her charity to the birth of the Church of the faithful’ said Saint John Paul II. In her sorrows, Mary manifests to us the mystery of Salvation in Jesus Chrsit, it is the birth of the Church! The woman gives life once more, through the maternity of her virgnal cloak : ’Look : your son who is here will provoke the fall and rise of many in Israel.’ We need to meditate upon Mary’s sorrows in order to find strength to live those who come to us todey. For we are not spared : ’Your heart will be transpierced like a sword.“”Then Jesus said to the disciple, “This is your mother.’And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.”

Mary helps us to live our sufferings united to the sorrows of Jeus Christ. It is the birth of a new world for the annarchy of the human heart submitted to passions and disobedience. All the sorrows in humanity are contained in Jesus’ Passion, theya re also born in humanity by the sorrows of the woman who gives birth with Him in a new world. Before all else, the Mystery of the Cross is a mystery of Life! It is also the Mystery of the Mother of Sorrows. The Church repeats to us that ’the marial dimansion of the life of a disciple of Jesus is precisely expressed by the filial offering to the Motrher of God, which began by the testament of the Redeemer on Golgotha. In finally delivering himself to Mary, the Christian, like the Apostle John, ’recieves among his personal goods’ the Mother of Christ and introduces her into all the space of his interior life, that is in his’christian and human ’me’ : He welcomed her to his home." Thus he seeks to enter into the shining rays of maternal Love with which the Mother of the Redeemer takes care of the brothers of her Son; he seeks to enter into the birth and the education in which she co operated to the extent of the gift belonging to each person by the power of the Spirit of Christ. Thus maternity according to the Spirit is equally exerced. This maternity became the role of Mary at the foot of the cross and at the Cenacle. The birth of a new world is open to the New Adam and by the New Eve, the sorrows of Christ contain the sorrows of the mother, a gap is opened up in our hellish

experiences : what we have to live as being hard can become a source of life,can become a birth to a new world.

We ask for the grace to welcome Mary as John welcomed her.