Patrick is living Jesus’ littleness and poverty Patrick vit la petitesse et la pauvreté de Jésus

Saturday 20 February 2016

Patrick is living Jesus’ littleness and poverty

Behind his thickly lensed glasses, so thick that they make his poor little eyes seem huge, Patrick, (Down’s Syndrome) looks at me and says : ’You know I still think about my mother. Soon I’ll go and see her. I lost my father during the war. Just as well, I can still see my mother. When you talk about Love, that touches my heart. I’d always like to be with my mother but this can’t be. One day my mother will die, but I also have Mary." How lovely this link Patrick has with his mother who gave him back this love. Patrick has disarmed many a conflict in his vulnerability. Named ’little brother’, he brings together those who are in opposition and proposes they make peace together.

Whoever turns towards Mary receives like an echo of the beauty and greatness of her being. Who knows how the Holy Spirit has acted in Patrick’s heart? One day we shall be marvelled by the way God has acted through his poor. Already now, we are surprised at the way we can contemplate the unspeakable Love of our God who has been able to find an access in the heart of the poor and little ones.

’Blessed are you who believed’ said Elizabeth to Mary. Like her, we enter into the Reality of the Love of God for his poor ones. Mary allows the divine will to come about in her life for she believed in the Love of God for what he created. It is in this first Love that she has for her own, she is created to be the Joy of her God. About her the Book of Proverbs says something surprising : ’I have always been sacred, from the beginning, from the beginnings of the earth.’

Mary lets divine will be accomplished in her for she believed in Love. Whoever turns to Mary receives like her an echo of the beauty and the greatness of her being created in the image and resemblance of God. In the poor at l’Arche, we come to recognise something of Mary’s poverty ’God looked upon his humble servant.’ They live from this gift of God which is always offered to them. Later on, Patrick shared in Jesus’ Agony. He had hardly any contact with the outside and we can be sure that his Heavenly Mummy, Mary, accompanies him.