Saint Anne and Joachim 26th July Sainte Anne et Joachim le 26 juillet

“But blessed are your eyes because they see, their ears because they hear!”
Wednesday 20 July 2016

Si.44,1…15 Ps.131 Mt.13,11a 16-17

Saint Anne and Joachim 26th July

“Jesus answered ’Because to you is granted to understand the mysteries of the kingdom.”

We are at the beginning of the final preparation for the Coming of Jesus.

’To you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.’

This Word of the Gospel is addressed to each one of us because we know Mary, Jesus’ mother.

In the first reading taken up by the wise man, we look to many a number of patriarchs who are virtuous and generous.

Anne and Joachim are amongst them. They are given to us today for our edification. The Word of God has already given us Jesus’ genealogy! In it there are many broken aspects, ruptures, disasters, places that are painful and very difficult. But in the mystery of Mary everything is given a meaning.

Anne and Joachim are the final preparation for Jesus’ Coming. At the same time the whole of the universe was preparing for it and at the heart of the universe, man and woman in their mystery.It is the story of humanity at the same time glorious and painful in view of the coming of little Mary, Jesus’ mother.

Saint Anne and Saint Joachim were not immaculate, they were sinners just as we are. We are in a state of wonder before man and woman given by God in their mystery. The highlight of creation will be the coming of the little Mary who will be Jesus’ mother.

“Blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they ehar!”

As we celebrate Anne and Joachim we are contemplating the way God leads each one of our lives. We sing of the marvellous harmony of nature and grace.

Right from the start evil mixes truth with lies giving it an appearance of good so as to deceive us even better.

We pray that God may heal the tears and brokenness of humanity.

In celebrating Saint Anne and Saint Joachim we contemplate its history which is at the s same time glorious and painful because of sin.

God respects deeply the laws of nature.He is totally free concerning these laws and at the same time sovereignly free of all natures’ conditions.

In an admirable way God is preparing the Coming of his Son. The whole of the materiel universe is preparing the coming of his Jesus.

When we celebrate the Eucharist everything is recapitulated in Christ we are taken up in Christ with Mary his mother.In fact Jesus who came The Holy Spirit is t work right from the beginning.

“Amen I tell you :many prophets and upright people longed to see what you see, and never saw it; to hear what you hear and never heard it!”

The Holy Spirit who is at work since the beginning is at work in the conception of Our Blessed Lady.

If God deeply rejects the universe and the laws of nature He creates, and if he is sovereignly respectful and free of the human nature’s condition, he brings about marvels.

Mary is already totally taken up in the mystery of Christ Jesus in her mystery as the Immaculate.

Harmony in the universe as God desires will be given back with the mystery of Jesus and Mary.

In order to understand this he gives us the parable of the good seed.

We have the grace to know Mary, full of grace, Jesus’ mother who gives birth to the Only Good seed. With Him we go into a discernment for a life full of surprises, one that is lived under God’s Loving Gaze.

We pray that God may heal our brokenness and separations so that we ay sing forth the marvellous harmony of all that God does.

Jesus came for each one of us, so as to recapitulate all things in Christ.

We have to wait for the favourable time, be patient before we come out of darkness.

In celebration Saint Anne and Saint Joachim we contemplate the way God leads the universe.

We give thanks to God for Anne and Joachim, Our Lady’s parents.